Author: Robina Williams
ISBN:  978-1-60619-183-5   

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I find myself wishing that there was some great descriptive word – just one – that would sum up a book.  I find, after hours of deliberation, that the only one that really fits for this book is, Outstanding!

Gaea is the earth goddess, Mother Nature, if you will.  She was born from Chaos and has been “manhandled” by Mankind for quite a while now.  Men have gone after the fish in her seas in abundance; they have been killing the land and the air we breathe with chemicals; they are damaging the crops, and cutting down the trees that are home to the animals and creatures of Earth.  And, with all this greed, they have angered the goddess.

So…Gaea goes on a journey to teach Man a lesson they won’t forget.  Her nature, excuse the pun, makes the thoughts in her head lean toward taking Mankind out once and for all; show him that nature IS a force to be reckoned with.  She can do it.  She has that kind of power.  Gaea’s partner, however, the seraph by her side named Quant, works for a pretty strong God, too.  The God of All who created Mankind in the first place, and wants them to continue their path.  He continues to hope, like all good fathers do, that Man will eventually turn themselves around and be the ‘good’ souls that He died to save.

We follow Gaea into many realms that are ruled by her family members - the well-known Olympians.  We meet up with Poseidon and his mighty trident, with his son Triton by his side, who will use their innate power to teach the fishermen a lesson and help the sea creatures survive.  We go down into the Underworld and meet the three-headed dog, Cerberus, who guards Hades powerful realm.  (By the way, this three-headed monster is a loving, sweet doggie.  I loved that.)  One of Gaea’s sons, the hundred-armed, Briareos, will help with the winds and the rain…the Olympians will do all they can to scare Mankind into realizing that what they’re doing to the land is an atrocity.  Man needs to understand that they are only a small part of the environmental network that make up the very core of who we are and where we came from.  And they need to understand before it’s too late.  The Olympians pull together to unleash their power on the unsuspecting human race. (Makes you rethink the reason for all these tsunamis and fires that we’re having more and more often.  Perhaps someone IS trying to tell us something, and we’re STILL not listening.)

But the Olympians are not the only ones involved.  This wonderful writer takes us up to the Kingdom with Quant, the faithful seraph, where we meet up with saints and angels who are working in places called, “The Design Center,” where they are drawing the innards and outer shells of the next fabulous race of creatures (flora and fauna) for a new planet that He’s putting together.  (These are my favorite moments).  Each saint/angel has their own pet – a fire-breathing dragon(s) that set robes on fire when they’re excited.  There is a kitchen that serves heavenly meals, to say the least, created by the patron saint of cooks.  There is a showplace and shop that is home to the work of the masters of galactic and planetary design.  In this space, DaVinci has his own soundproof room where he likes to blow things up as he creates; Albrecht Durer is at an easel painting new life forms; and Michelangelo decorates rooms with his imagination and artistry.  There is also a place called the Court of the Serpent (yes, The Serpent) where people go when they need to stop, think, and choose their next steps wisely.  The throne of God is there, manned by his archangels, and He tells us His choices for Man – the creatures He loves with all His heart.  There is a scene where an archangel brings a soul through the doorway to make one of His creations live, and it was truly a beautiful way to look at it.

This massive adventure goes from one place to the next, with gods and goddesses that we’ve learned about since we were children.  But everything has a twist, which I absolutely loved.  Even Quant, the seraph, has his own home in a friary where the monks are doing all they can to become “green” and help the Earth survive.  Quant has the ability to appear and disappear at whim, changing himself into the ultimate tabby cat that roams the peaceful friary.  He takes Gaea there quite a bit to show her that not all of Mankind is bad…that there are some who truly want to be good people in a strange and harrowing world.  (How I hope this part is true)

I know this is a long review, but there is literally something on every page of Ms. Williams’ book that is at once fascinating, titillating, and thought-provoking.  The only part I’m sad about is that this is Book III in a series.  I haven’t read Books I or II and I live in a small town that doesn’t have them to offer.  But, like Gaea and Quant, I will find a way to right this wrong and get the first two books as fast as humanely possible. 

As an author myself, who wishes with all her heart that Christian fantasy would be accepted in the mainstream world, I want to shout about this book from the rooftops.  There are so many publishers who simply refuse to look at books like this fearing, I suppose, that God and all His wonders would simply be unacceptable to certain people.  This is silly; certainly The DaVinci Code proved that to be an absolute myth.  The world needs books like this - adventurous, fun, well-written, and absolutely truthful on subjects dealing with the destruction of our own environment.  This whole book is about balance.  Gods and goddesses working with and for the Almighty; Nature and Man – a balance that is completely out of whack because we continue to be greedy.  There is a whole lot of fun in this book and a whole lot to think about.  Everyone should pick this one up and read it cover to cover.

Bravo, Ms. Williams!  As I said in the beginning…this was Outstanding!

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