Author: Courtney J. Webb.
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 9780646508856

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Immaculate Deception by Courtney J. Webb, takes the reader across several continents on Craig Connery’s wild adventures. Transforming him from ex-con low life lusty man abandoned at birth by an alcoholic mother to a beloved priest of the highest order in the Catholic Church.

A person adored by everyone except a corrupt bishop and a bitter nun determined to involve him in another scandal, a situation that would discredit him and land him in jail this time for life; church clergy with dark secrets to hide. Immaculate Deception and author Courtney J. Webb expose the corruption of the Catholic Church in a way that both sickens and makes you laugh as you wait to see how Connery will maneuver out of another predicament.

His adventures begin with his release from prison where he anxiously waits for the guards to open his cell. Serving two years for a crime he did not commit, choosing to take the rap for his younger brother. He will soon be a free man. Upon release, hormones raging, he quickly embroils himself in a new conflict. After witnessing a deadly car crash he makes a split second decision that changes his life, personality and destiny, as well as the lives of everyone he meets.

Connery, lean muscled and oozing sexuality seems to have a guardian angel watching over him. Through many travels and adventures he narrowly skirts trouble. The guardian angel is a good thing for Connery and the reader, as pages turn quickly to see how he will extricate himself from yet another dilemma.  The author Courtney J. Webb makes it is easy to identify with Connery’s big heart, love, and growing compassion for the people he meets. This fast paced story keeps the reader entertained reminding one of the deeply and sometimes insidious politics of the Catholic Church.  Immaculate

Deception is a good read and an important political novel exposing the sickness in the Catholic Church and the cover-ups in the name of “authority.’  The book reminds the reader that celibacy in religious institutions is now obsolete, dangerous, and can bring out the worst in those who are representing and preaching the word of God guiding others to salvation; clergy that people depend on and defer to. Immaculate Deception by Courtney J. Webb is an entertaining and easy read that could be a hit on the big screen.

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