Author: Daniel Levin
Publisher: Riverhead Books
ISBN: 978-1-59448-872-6

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Daniel Levin, author of The Last Ember, is a graduate of the University of Michigan (BA) Roman and Greek civilizations and Harvard University Law School. (Inside cover, 2009) Background for this book comes from his clerking for the Supreme Court in Israel where he was part of the research and legal teams charged with prosecuting those who performed illegal excavations in Jerusalem and Rome. (Insert) He practices international law and lives with his physician wife in New York City. For more information about this special author please log on to his website.

The main character of this book, Jonathan Marcus, shares many parallels with the author in that he is also an expert in Roman and Greek history with a law degree working for an international firm charged with defending the excavations of some unscrupulous and devious people with tentacles that criss-cross the globe and are backed by terror monies. Mr. Marcus’ firm does not know of this dark secret, but soon gets caught up in the fray.

Mr. Marcus is called back to Rome, from New York, where he meets his ex-love interest, Dr. Emili Travia. Dr. Travia and Mr. Marcus are on opposing sides of this important case. She works for the U.N. as a preservationist. Dr. Travia believes that Jon has become a different man than the one she met and fell in love with seven long years ago. Back then he was passionate about archeology and preserving history. Now he is defending those very things that he knew were wrong during his more passionate days. Jonathan is out to prove Emili wrong. Together they piece together a tale of international intrigue that began as Mr. Marcus doctoral dissertation and ended up as a major plot to unearth and smuggle the “Tabernacle Menorah” out of the Temple Mount where it is suspected to have been hidden for the past two-thousand years.

The plot takes many twists and turns as various characters attempt to follow the clues and historical data to their logical conclusions. Many people lose their lives trying to locate this international religious treasure because those with darker interests in this historic relic will not stop short of actually having it. It is impossible to know who is on the take and part of this massive deception and who Jon and Emili can actually trust to help them determine if the clues and historical data actually lead to the location of the “Tabernacle Menorah”. It is a race against time.  Jonathan and Emili narrowly miss being killed themselves, but their romantic bonds end up stronger than ever before because the circle of trust is so small and they must be able to count on one another to get to the right people who can help thwart this dastardly plan and save the “Tabernacle Menorah” from falling into the wrong hands.

This book was a regular page turner. I could not put it down because I was hungry to learn more and see what would happen next. It is steeped in history, mystery, and religious overtones that enlighten, entertain, and enrapt you, the reader. Daniel Levin writes from the same thrilling and knowledgeable perspective that Dan Brown does and I see no reason this book should not become an international bestseller.

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