Author: Susan Slater
ISBN: 9780982093894
Publisher: Bascom Group

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Men have midlife crisis at almost any age. I think I might be convinced of that. It can happen at any time since some feel insecure about their manhood and their ability to look and stay young and feel desirable. Imagine being a luxurious hotel ready to celebrate your 60th birthday, 35 years of marriage and your husband’s retirement to find out that you have been living a lie for over five years. This brings me to my review of 0-60 by Susan Slater.

As the book enfolds Shelly and Edward Sinclair are in their hotel room getting ready for their big celebrations. But, Edward has other thoughts on his mind, that of his 24 year old mistresses and breaking the news to his wife of 35 years that he wants to call its quits. But, hats off to Shelly who does not cry, explode or throw a temper tantrum, but walks out and goes home to begin a new life on her own.

What is her first move? She decides to buy a new house, start school and being a new career as a massage therapist. But, before she can do this she has to deal with an issue that faces many people today. Her elderly parents are in dire trouble and when her sister calls all panic stricken about the poor physical and mental conditions, Shelly puts everything on hold and together for the first time she and her sister, Pam work together to help get their parents the medical attention they both need. The decisions were made fast and placing them in a nursing home to be safe rather than alone and unprotected was something that both sisters felt was necessary.

With her soon be ex-husband hovering around her at every corner and trying to orchestrate and run her new life, Shelly finally acquiesces to his demands regarding the sale of their home and tries to begin her new life which would now include men. But, taking things to fast and drawing herself into situations too fast is not the wisest thing to do.

Online dating can be dangerous and often lead to unfortunate situations and meeting people that often fabricate or weave webs of deceit and lies in order to reel in someone for their kind of false relationships. People new to the dating scene need to be cautious and never ever allow a first date to take place anywhere near where you live or even give out your address. Shelly jumps into too many relationships hoping to find a real one and soon learns that she needs to put the breaks on and rethink what she is doing. Added to her woes losing her father and visiting her mother in the nursing home after the funeral. Her mother, like mine, has Alzheimer’s and knowing so much about the illness, really helped me to identify with her and her feelings when seeing her mother. However, knowing about the disease and visiting many facilities helped me to make the decision to have my mom cared for in her own apartment with great aides to care for her where I can keep a close eye on her.

If this was not difficult enough when Shelly and her son Jonathan go to her former house disburse of the contents, she finds it trashed and the locks changed. It is at that point that her son reveals a secret that he has kept for over five years that might change his father’s life and his choice of partner as well.

Plastic surgery and a tummy tuck with all of its pain could not take away the sadness that would soon follow caused by people who could not accept the fact that she was moving on and others who decided to try and hurt her. An unforeseen accident that was meant for her, an ex-husband that went over the edge and more and a man who lied and was too much of a coward to face her in person, helped to make Shelly realize that life can really deal you some rough hands, but she is definitely a survivor.

Her sister, who cannot face the fact that their mother is in her final stages of Alzheimer’s, a nursing home that she put on notice to make sure she get safer and better care, and an ending to a novel that will astound the reader and surprise you makes this a must read novel for everyone that has ever gone through a messy divorce.

What happens to Shelly and does the author tie up any loose ends? Why does her oldest son keep her at arms length and what about her relationship with her younger son? You will have to read this novel and find out for yourself. Sometimes when you least expect it the greatest things can happen when you are not looking. To find out what this means: Read 0-60 and find out why life begins at any age. Just ask me!

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