Author: Leanne Hoagland-Smith
Publisher: Sales Gravy Press
ISBN-13: 978-0-9818004-5-5:  ISBN-10: 0-9818004-5-9

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This slim book is jam packed with words of wisdom and advice for anyone trying to make it in the world of sales. Filled with personal anecdotes, action steps, and calls to action, this book will get you motivated to up your sales game.

Each chapter covers an important sales topic like unlocking your values, confusion, marketing, selling, productivity, plans, goals and future. Deceptive in its length, each topic is explained with specific steps and calls to action. In keeping with the theme of locking and unlocking, the chapters end with Key Takeaways, Key Websites, and Key books allowing you to research any of the topics in more detail.

 As an example of the clear information provided, in the first chapter Hoagland-Smith gives an enlightening and convincing example of how our assumptions can often get in the way of our solving problems. She outlines the steps one should take when approaching a problem:

  1. Decide if you want to solve the problem

  2. Identify the problem

  3. Identify any assumptions that my interfere with solving the problem

  4. Gather all information

  5. Separate the facts

  6. Analyze the facts

  7. Offer a solution of solutions

The book includes built in Progress Check Points which make sure that you understand the major points that had been covered. An example of one Progress Check point is:

To increase future productivity, you should have taken action to put into your wallet or purse a card with these three reminders:

  • Top 5 People” I Want to Meet

  • My Sales Goals

  • My Mission Statement

Hoagland-Smith uses real life examples to explain her points. In the goals section she clearly demonstrates step-by-step using personal examples how you can move from a non-measurable amorphous goal to one that is concrete and has measurable and quantifiable steps. She constantly re-enforces the idea that you can’t shoot the target if the target is moving.

A handy volume that will cause you to think and re-evaluate your sales approach, be The Red Jacket in a sea of gray suits is a welcome breath of fresh and clear insight to an often complicated process.

Leanne Hoagland-Smith is Founder and Chief Results Officer of ADVANCED SYSTEMS, an international human capital performance firm that focuses on sustainable results using positive return on investment solutions. She partners with her clients to identify current and usually repetitive challenges.

Hoagland-Smith is a weekly business columnist for the Post-Tribune of Northwest Indiana. She is also a regular contributor to NBiz magazine as well as several Internet resource sites including;,, and Top 10 Sales Articles.

Click Here To Purchase be The Red Jacket in a sea of gray suits