Author: Aaron D. Taylor
ISBN; 978-1-934466-13-1
Publisher: Foghorn

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 Being a fellow SearchWarpian, I have been familiar with author Aaron Taylor’s works for several years now, but never have I read a more profound and gripping novel as his Alone With A Jihadist. As a practicing Christian, I can relate to the Christian perspective of this work and can only marvel at the depth to which Aaron has delved in an endeavor to open the eyes of Christians and Muslims alike.

As I think about Aaron alone in that dungeon-like room with another human being—not just any human being, but one who stands for everything that Aaron’s and many others teachings have denounced for hundreds of years. A person who, in the name of his own God, would snuff the life from Aaron in a heartbeat’s moment. What type of Faith has a man who can brave such a terrifying event, as to sit face to face with a man who’s God requires him to kill indiscriminately and without remorse and call it ‘Holy War’?

 What would a young man, an evangelist from rural Missouri, have to say to this seemingly cold-hearted individual whose eyes seemed to burn holes through Aaron’s very soul? If Aaron thought that his own great love for God and his faith that love was the answer to all of life’s most pressing questions, would make this a simple and quick meeting where the two men would smilingly discuss the issues at hand, he would be quickly and sorely disappointed.

In a violent rage Khalid, the Jihadist, began to release his anger as a valve on an over-heating pressure tank! His hatred for all things Christian and Western wasn’t even thinly veiled in the presence of one he considered a sworn enemy, giving Aaron little room to speak his own mind. It quickly becomes apparent that to this Jihadist, religion and politics are one and the same. He laughs (not a joyful happy laugh, but a cruel you-are-such-a-naïve-little-fool, laugh) in Aaron’s face as he contemplates Aaron’s pronouncement that, “if society is going to change, then hearts have to change.”

Khalid still holds fast to Islamic Sharia—adulterers and homosexuals, anyone committing the slightest sin should be stoned to death, taken to the highest mountain and thrown off, killed without mercy! But, he says, “I didn’t say that, God says that!”

Aaron summarized Khalid’s “belief that Christianity was evil because Western Civilization was evil.” That seemed to be the total sum to the terrible hatred that emanates from the entire Eastern Civilization toward the Western World.

As I continued to read this wonderful rendition of how the world could live in love, peace, and harmony if we as true Christians could take back our great country and turn it over to God. Our only salvation is getting back to being a Christian nation. When we face the horrors of terrorists and nations who have no compunction to killing innocent victims and themselves to appease their Gods, we see our own weaknesses and know that changes need to be made in our own country as well as those who oppose us.

Alone With A Jihadist is a must read for practicing and non-practicing Christians alike. It is an eye-opening statement—loud and clear—“our church has sadly missed the most pronounced message of Jesus Christ, the message of peace.”

Click Here To Purchase Alone with A Jihadist: A Biblical Response To Holy War