Author: Stephen Hawley Martin
ISBN:  10: 1 – 892538 – 52 – 0

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Is there life after death? This has to be the most asked question of all time.  It truly amazes me that with all our technology and supposed advancement, we still can’t prove where we came from or what happens after we appear to leave this realm. This subject also intrigues Stephen Hawley Martin, the author of The Science of Life After Death. Hawley hosts his own radio show where he has interviewed people who have had near death experiences, past life memories, communications with those who have passed on, people who have mentally accessed information from a distance (remote viewing) and those who have received healing through prayer.

In his book Martin uses these instances to prove that our soul or Mind exists separately from our physical body and therefore continues to exist after what we call death.  One of the author’s main concepts is that there is One Mind, Consciousness or Creator and that we are all connected to this spiritual source which fills all space and is eternal. He goes on to explain that we all have access to this Creative Force or Mind, which many call God.  But in order to receive spiritual guidance or information from this source, we need to tune in to the right channel, so to speak. Because this intelligence is spiritual and nonlocalized, those who ask for wisdom will not have to go anywhere to receive what they need to know to help themselves and others.

Martin labels this phenomenon as Grace. He says on page 136 that “grace is what happens when the life force or Universal Mind is working in people’s lives to insure their growth and development. To the untrained eye, Grace appears to be a set of mysterious or unexplainable conditions, events and phenomena that support, nurture or enhance human life and spiritual growth.”

The author discusses reincarnation and shares other…what he feels to be evidence.. that life is eternal. One of the conclusions he comes to is that now we have proven life is eternal, we should not fear death. He calls death a “transition, rather than the end.”  He goes on to say…”No longer will it be viewed as a particularly good idea to keep someone alive artificially on life support, who has no chance to recover and is suffering. And consider this. Pregnant women are taught how to give birth. It will likewise make sense for everyone to learn how to die as comfortably as possible.  It will also make sense to teach people what to expect when they do. Look for the light. Go to it.”

While I agree totally with the author’s premise that Life is eternal and that we needn’t fear death, I also feel that this can become a very slippery area when we begin to talk about death education, especially when those in power are so concerned about overpopulation. We need to insure that the choice between life and death is a personal decision which should be arrived at after asking for God’s guidance. We all have our individual paths and the length of our lives should never be mandated by government.

Near the end of the book Martin includes a list of great thinkers who have influenced modern thought and summarizes some of their ideas and how they pertain to life after death.

I think that this book would interest those who are seeking more validation that we are more than a collection of animalistic tendencies and material body parts. The overall message of the book is that our true being is Spiritual and therefore eternal.

Click Here To Purchase The Science of Life After Death: New Research Shows Human Consciousness Lives On