So you understand the basic concept of Twitter and even send a tweet or two a week. Good for you! That certainly helps with your book marketing. Knowing how to write a book, is different than knowing how to sell it. Twitter is not only good for keeping in touch with customers, but you can also find new customers with hashtags.

I have had great success selling books using Twitter hashtags. Let’s define what a hashtag is before we go any further.  Hashtags are a way Twitter uses organize their tweets about a specific topic. For example, if you want to tweet about real estate, you could start off a tweet with a pound sign then the word real estate, like this #RealEstate. There are numerous hashtags that have already been established, and new ones cropping up daily.

So why use hashtags? Because Twitter users often search hashtags for content. So if you’re tweeting about your book and using proper hashtags, a potential customer can come across your book who wouldn’t have otherwise. Go to and search for hashtags that Twitter users are using right now. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a customer or two….or ten. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (username: NetworkAuthor), I’ll follow you back.

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