Authors: David and Mutiya Vision:
Illustrator: Ignacio Alcantara
ISBN-13: 978-0-9816254-0-9; ISBN-10: 0-981-6254-0-1
Publisher: Vision Works Publishing

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The Land of Expression is a heartwarming tale of appreciating each others’ differences and acknowledging that we all play a unique part in creating a larger whole.

The Land of Expression is a place where colors create and control everything. One day the color Black shows up but he is not welcomed by the other colors. He is shunned and bullied by others who tell mean and hurtful lies about him.

 A loving Mother-Father Creator feels compassion for Black and decides to take him away from the Land of Expression to allow him freedom to express himself in the night skies. Once Black is removed, the other colors start to realize that they need him in their land in order to be the most they can be. Black gave them depth and definition, without it, they are merely washed out colors that begin to fade.

A touching, delightful, beautifully and vibrantly illustrated story with a gentle message of how we should all respect and be tolerant of others and work together to form a greater good.

Authors David and Mutiya Vision are a husband and wife team whose commitment and vision inspires children, parents, communities, and educators everywhere to utilize their own talents in making the world a better place. They are currently the authors of 10 published children’s books.

Illustrator Ignacio Alcantara is an award winning illustrator who creates images with the intensity of emotion. He has illustrated 8 children’s books.

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