Author: Rudy Dunningan
Publisher:Argus Enterprises International
ISBN:  978-098230505-8

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To understand the depth of this book you have to understand the background of the author.  He graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry and has been a practicing dentist for more than forty years.  He also served two terms as mayor of Ashland, KY. But, most important for this book, he knows the state of Kentucky inside and out. In his novel, Boone Springs, Dunnigan speaks about the customs in this area of the USA and the way people live there.

In the book, Junior Adams is a dangerous character. Son of a sheriff, he does not follow the steps of his father. Junior is violent and disrespectful of thing and people, but he manages to get the sheriff’s badge and becomes even more dangerous. He has a weapon and he deals drugs for money.   He is also the most interesting character among the lot of them. His brother kills two people and is not at all concerned of the gravity of what he did, Willoon Charles wants to practice medicine in the city but meets with a lot of problems, and old Abigale dies very quickly; none of them has Junior’s craziness.

Rudy Dunnigan explains to us in details the daily life of the people living there who are a lot like you and me, with problems, family trouble, etc. Yet, what they must face is not sweetness and candy. Rape, kidnapping, and murder are the elements of their present life.

The book is divided into paragraphs, one about each character, passing from one person to the next with references to other characters mentioned before. It is very interesting, but nevertheless, the paragraphs are too short to allow readers to get into the story. There are too many characters whose descriptions slow the pace down and bore the reader.

 But, despite that fact, the reader is at ease with each of them, even the bad ones, because they are shown in their daily life exactly as if they were people we know and who are easy to relate to.

The evolution of the book is jagged, more and more violent, and full of surprise.  We are scared, astonished, and wondering what else they going to do, especially Junior.  This book leaves you with a lot of questions about the future of the characters in mind.

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