Author:  Melody Carlson
Publisher:  David C. Cook
ISBN:  978-1-58919-108-2

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Dear Readers:
Everyone - unless you've been living under a box for the last few years - knows who this wonderful author is.  I have been lucky enough to read all the books associated with this series entitled 86 Bloomberg Place.  If you haven't, go buy them immediately and then read this final installment.  You'll be glad you did.
We follow four friends through the ups and downs of their life.  The four roommates have gone through some incredible and disheartening issues in the past, and now we've gotten to the point of no return.  Are all endings happy?  Probably not.  But I believe Ms. Carlson did a perfect job telling us of the struggles and imperfections of life that we work hard to make as perfect as possible for the generation coming up behind us.
In this book, Lelani's wedding takes center stage.  Everyone is chomping at the bit to give her the perfect day to wed her wonderful, Gil.  She is a single parent with a beautiful little girl named Emma, and she is struggling to work, go to school, and be a good mother.  Thankfully, she has a true sisterhood of help.  Her friend Kendall, who has just been proposed to by the fantastic guy from Maui, takes care of Emma when Lelani is out working.  Kendall is pregnant, as well, and is learning the ropes of motherhood by babysitting for her best friend.  We also have Anna.  She is a tough go getter who works at a publishing company.  Her beau, Edmond, is being hit on by one of those girls we all hate, ladies.  You know?  The syrupy sweeties that make you want to stab them with the heel of your stiletto?  Last, but never least, is Megan.  She and Marcus are still together but Marcus, who was once down on the whole God-thing, seems to have thrown himself into his faith full-force and is taking off to Zambia to help the "helpless."  He's on a mission from God, literally.  And although it's what Megan wanted, she also wanted him to give her the time of day.  What to do?
These stories are truly perfect.  Shades of Sex in the City always play out in my head when I pick up one of the Bloomsberg Place books.  This is for all us girls out there who struggle to do what's right.  Between parenthood, love, work and family, we struggle through it all with our best friends by our side.  Congrats, Ms. Carlson.  You began this well and you ended this perfectly.  I'm a true fan.
Enjoy it gals!
Click Here To Purchase Three Weddings and a Bar Mitzvah (86 Bloomberg Place Series #4)