Author: Alani M’echel Weathers
ISBN: 9780741453280
Publisher: Infinity Publishing

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The power of suggestion is sometimes stronger than we know. Our imaginations can often run wild when we try to make others do or believe things just to see what they are going to do. But, when our imaginations take us so far that the impossible or unreal might just happen and you try to convince someone that what they might see with their own eyes and witness will forever change their lives and the way think about something you have the creativity of a brand new author who has written an imaginative book that will not only put a spell or hex on you to want to read it, but teach many untold lessons to everyone. This brings me to my review of The Horrible Huckleberry Hex by Alani M’echel Weathers.

As the book enfolds we meet eleven-year-old Jordan Davis who is our narrator for this story. He is what every eleven year old should be. He is bright, clever and has a great sense of humor, which he uses to his advantage to get his Aunt Desiree to take him and his sisters and brother on a camping trip up in Hiawatha Forest in Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan. Right before coming to their destination Jordan sees a care pass by and notices a small boy with what looked like a bloody hand make an imprint of it on the back of their car. What could it be? Was it really blood or was it something else? You are about to find out.

Blueberries are supposed to be healthy and they have a lot of antioxidants to ward off and prevent diseases. They are one of the number one foods to help improve memory. But, can they make an adult turn into a monster after they eat them? Can they make an adult do all sorts of weird and strange things and not even remember what they did? Going into the woods with his sisters and brother, Jordan’s younger brother Danny spots some blueberries and they all start eating them. Going further into the woods they spot an old tree with some Native American writing on it. But, they have no idea what is says or means. But, Jordan gets an eerie feeling and he soon realizes that the berries have had some type of strange affect on his aunt but he does not know what.

Meeting up with his friends Kevin and Lei in the camp area they proceed to inform him about a curse that was placed on the blueberries and the meaning of the Native American writing on the tree. “Beware of the berries beneath the tree. A nasty curse will follow thee, a human you will be no more, two days beyond the day before.” But, this will only apply to adults. So, how many kids would like to place a hex on someone just for fun or an older friend that might be mean to them: You just never know. Now, the fun begins and all sorts of strange and unusual things happen. Kevin and Lei have to convince Jordan that they are not making this up. They even describe an ancient ritual that has to be performed to get rid of the curse and save the person that has been hexed. But, can they once it takes hold of the victim? Just how many blueberries do you have to eat to be hexed? You just might find out. Are his friends just trying to convince him that there is a curse and that he will have to save his aunt from remaining a people eating monster and more, or are they just playing a hoax on him? Well, anyone knows that if you were ever a boy scout or a girl scout and you take that all important oath and say the famous words, “Scout’s honor,” you are absolutely, positively telling is straight and you were swearing on your very own soul, as the author puts it, that what you said was the truth.

Added to the hilarity of the events in this book the author incorporates at the end of each chapter a unique and unusual recipe for her readers to try. Of course, you might want to test out the blueberries first and make sure they are not hexed. They are sugary and gooey delights that kids will love especially on Halloween night or on a camping trip or a cookout.

What happens next is really funny and quite strange. Aunt Desiree or as they call her Aunt TT eats quite a few blueberries and she appears to turn into a turkey eating monster. While the others were sleeping in their tent he saw, whom he thought was his Aunt, devour quite a few turkeys and more and never lose eye contact with him in the process. But, was it just a dream, or did this really happen?

The next night he saw the monster devour bunnies and more and then stare straight at him and say he was going to be next. Now, he was convinced that his friends were telling the truth and he was going to make sure that they helped him save his aunt from being a permanent monster or worse.

How they save her or how they go about it is so funny and so creative you have to read it for yourself. Would you cover your whole body in blueberries, eat snails and collect a toad and more just to remove a hex? Would you do anything to save someone you really love and protect your brother and sisters from harm? Would your not stop at anything to prove your love, loyalty and true friendship if you knew someone was in trouble. Meet Jordan Davis our hero and a lot more. His friend Kevin wanted to chicken out but Lei reminded him that they swore to help Jordan and when you take the boy scout’s oath you have to honor it no matter what.

I won’t tell you if they save his aunt. I won’t tell you the antics and the crazy things they did with the help of his brother and two twin sisters to remove the hex. I won’t even tell you if they really removed it from getting anyone else who comes to first this forest after them. That might be for a sequel if the author cares to have them revisit the forest to find the tree and see if this curse still remain or if the writing disappeared. Of course one good thing does happen, although blueberries are supposed to make your memory stronger and better, there are still some things that are better forgotten. When you read this adorable, creative and humorous book you will understand. Beware of the blueberries: Are they hexed?

This is a great book to read on Halloween night, around the campfire, after a cookout when it gets dark, under the covers with a flashlight or to teach children family values and the importance of relationships, loyalty and trust. 

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