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Lily Azerad-Goldman

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By Lily Azerad-Goldman
Published on September 2, 2009

Author: Jonathan Russell
ISBN: 13- 978-1-931807-61-6    ISBN: 1-931807-61-2

Follow me David has to be the oddest, most humorous and flippant bit of English life to come our way

Author: Jonathan Russell
ISBN13- 978-1-931807-61-6    ISBN 1-931807-61-2

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Follow me David has to be the oddest, most humorous and flippant bit of English life to come our way.

Jonathan Russell, the 92 year old and legally blind author of Whispers, first prize winner 1998 and 1999 of the American Poetry Association, and ten other books - will have you in stitches and will bring tears to your eyes with Follow me David.

Follow me David is loosely based on Jonathan's poem Valvalha Hills in his winning book Whispers, wherein he mourns the death of his greyhound David.

However, his prose in Follow me David is peppered with sardonic humor and irresistible characterization. His characters are aptly named for their main purpose in life.

Sophisticated, rich Jennifer Trewlove is an American widow who will become the true love of Reverend Bernard Houndstich who walks her dogs because of her incapacitating arthritis. Even his capable housekeeper is called Mrs. Broomworthy.

Jonathan does not shy away from erotic scenes, which makes this quirky love story all the more titillating.

When Reverend Houndstitch finally marries Jennifer, he is far from knowing that Jennifer has plans to bring her greyhound David to the level of a human being.

The author treats the accelerating drama with irresistible humor. Jennifer finds a strange ally in Reverend Gollighy to do her bidding of elevating David to the statute of a “Christian Soul” and to have him buried with her upon their departure from earth.

Along the way to romance between Jennifer and Bernard, Jonathan Russell delves into the cruelty with which Greyhounds are treated and how it would be a miracle to save all of them from their brutal hands.

Jonathan is donating a portion of the profits received from this book to organizations working to help rescue Greyhounds, who are discarded and left to die after they are no longer profitable to the racing organization.

Readers will not only have a jolly good time reading Follow me David but will feel good knowing that they helped rescue this gentle breed from cruelty.

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