Author: Lisa A. Shiel
 ISBN: 978 -1 - 934631 - 30 - 0

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 Rarely do we question the premise of scientific concepts. The definition of premise is "a previous statement or assertion that serves as the basis of an argument or theory." Conclusions in science cannot be depended on to be fact when they are based on the premise of theory and assumption.

Lisa A. Shiel, in her book The Evolution Conspiracy, does a superb job of showing the reader that the theory of evolution is just that...a theory. It is only a theory because it is based on theory and assumption. Shiel methodically takes us step by step from the premise through to the conclusion and demonstrates how the theory of evolution is built on a foundation of sand. Shiel convincingly washes away this theoretical foundation with her documented facts.

The author discusses the theory of all life beginning in the sea from one cell. She examines genetics,species and subspecies, fossils, falsification of data (including DNA evidence), natural selection....and much more.

I think that the following quote sums up the basic message of the book. "Evolutionists love to proclaim that biological evolution is a fact, like gravity. Nobody would argue that if an egg slides off a table, the egg will plummet to the ground. It will not hover or float off into space. Is evolution equally as obvious? A fact is more than mere data. A fact must have passed the reality test, proving itself repeatable (not a singular event), observable and falsifiable." Shiel then raises the question...."Evolution tells us every species alive today sprang from the same source. Can anyone see evolution altering life-forms in this way?"

I feel that Lisa's book is an important contribution, not only for understanding what is really behind the theory of evolution...but also for another reason. Her book gives us the basic tools to evaluate the legitimacy of other scientific concepts. Sometimes theories are promoted as fact for the purpose of promoting social or political agendas. In other words, they can be used to manipulate us. Consider this quote by Bill Keith, former Louisiana State Senator.  " Without evolution, there can be no Marxism, no Leninism, no Secular Humanism; unless the universe created itself, unless man is god, unless there is no creator, none of these philosophies will stand."

Lisa Shiel's writing is clear and organized. The concepts and facts presented in this book are easy to comprehend and one doesn't need to be a scientist to follow her logic and common sense. I would recommend this book to anyone searching to understand the truth of man's origins. We have been conditioned to think that if we look deeper into the theory of evolution..then we must be a religious fanatic. Apparently this is one method used to prevent us from discerning Truth. Shiel does not promote her religious beliefs in this book but only examines the legitimacy of the theory of evolution based on the evidence presented in her book.

It's time for us to begin questioning some of the basic ideas which we have been taught are fact.

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