Author: Simon Leigh
Publisher: UKA Press
ISBN: 978-1-905496-09-0

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The ways of a man are truly a mystery to women.  Why can a man sit in front of a TV for hours watching cars drive around and around in a circle?  Also, how can the average, normal man turn into a raving idiot just because a woman is pretty?  Well, Simon Leigh has tried to explain it to us all in Wild Women.

Steven Butts sees the move to Canada as a chance to get his life back in order.  He plans to find a way to start back car racing after being banned in his native Australia for an eye injury causing doubt vision.  He also plans to leave behind Eddie, the girl that is causing too many complications.

Life never turns out the way we hope.  He is shocked to find out Eddie plans to come with him and he is powerless to stop this raging force of nature.  Add to that he isn’t qualified for his new job and is struggling, his new car keeps freezing in the Canadian weather, and he has to find a way to pass his driving physical and life is rough.  Things continues to slide downhill as he debates over whether to do “the right thing” and marry Eddie or choose the free and easy life unattached.

The book is not only from his point of view; Eddie tells the reader her thoughts as well.  She has staked it all on making the relationship with Steven work; he won’t throw her off without a fight.  However, she has to contend with his thoughtlessness and infidelity in a foreign country, is it worth it?

At first I was exasperated with the characters in this otherwise well written novel.  Steven is supposed to be in his early thirties, but he shows the maturity of a horny teenager.  All he wants is to go from woman to woman but doesn’t have the courage to tell Eddie that so he strings her along.  All he thinks about is his racing and readers are wondering can any person be so shallow?

Eddie fares no better than Steven.  She is desperate to be married and she lives for no other purpose than to get him to marry her.  She throws away her life in Australia and follows a man who obviously doesn’t want to marry her with her despair plainly showing.  When things start going wrong in her life, she has no support system and has to either grow up or wither away.

 Now that I have vented on that topic, I think it is actually a good book and the characters redeem themselves in the end by growing up.  Leigh does an excellent job of portraying the two of them as immature then slowly showing how time and events change them.

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