Authors: Lenya Heitzig and Penny Rose
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN:  978-1-4347-6748-6

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Often modern women have trouble relating to the women in Genesis.  The lifestyle of the time required women to be submissive and dedicated to child bearing, devoted totally to husband and children.  However, with another look, readers can find plenty of examples of women in Genesis who were both empowered and opinionated. In Live Relationally, Heitzig and Rose show us ten women from Genesis and how there is still much to learn from these first sisters in faith.

Live Relationally is one of the books from the Fresh Life Bible Study Series and as a study book has a unique format.  Each topic is a series of five lessons, one for each weekday.  Each lesson is divided up into five sections.  Lift Up is the daily prayer provided to start each lesson.  Look At is the actual text from the Bible, the major part of the text included and minor parts left to be searched out in the reader’s own Bible.  Learn About are side bars where the text and questions are explained in greater depth.  Live Out teaches the reader how to apply the lesson to her own life and Listen To ends each section with a related quote.

In Live Relationally, readers study ten women from the Genesis, from Eve to Potiphar’s wife who tried to seduce Joseph.  The five lessons pick apart the bible text, teasing out the lessons and relating them to everyday life in the 21st century.

I greatly enjoyed this book.  I loved the daily prayers which were simple, perfect, and a wonderful way to connect to God before the start of each lesson.  So many times we forget our daily prayers and the very small one in the book often leads to more discussion with God.

This book was also well divided for easy understanding.  The five divisions per lesson gave the information in short easy to understand bursts while keeping the connection that pulled every lesson and the five lessons per chapter together. With the major bible verses included, a lot of the study was in that one book with only small side trips to another or source

However, I was disappointed that some of the chapters tended to focus more on the husband and not on the woman being discussed.  For example, the chapter about Lot’s wife spends a great deal of time on Lot and the sins of Sodom and very little on the wife who was supposed to be the heroine of the chapter.

All in all, this book is a wonderful read and a great way to connect or reconnect the reader to God; a definite for all Christian women.

Click Here To Purchase Live Relationally: Lessons from the Women of Genesis (Fresh Life Series)