These fiery hot topics are on the rise. You can pull any one of these to use for your book. Then come back to this article and pull another topic for your next book.

Hot Topic # 1: Using the latest electronics.

We are a society obsessed with having the latest and greatest technology. Do a book on iPods, email/camera cell phones, wireless Internet, digital TV, or any combination of these items.

Hot Topic # 2: Home improvement.

There's so much craze in this area that do-it-yourself (DIY) stores are on every corner of major cities. If you haven't been to a Home Depot or Lowes lately, then you are one of the few. Sure, apartment dwellers and young students have no interest in this market, but people with homes and money to afford them are in this market. In fact, some cable TV services offer entire channels dedicated to home improvement.

Especially of current interest are in-home automation systems. DIY home improvers are eager to learn about and buy things that will make their home lives more relaxing, high-tech, or fun. Create a book to teach them how to make their lights come on before they get home from their jobs, or how to press a button to adjust window blinds, music, or temperature. Or how Bill Gates' house works. Or how to add automation to an existing home, or how to build-in automation when a house is constructed.

Hot Topic # 3: Identity theft prevention.

This is a great topic for books marketed on the Internet. People who purchase over the Internet want to protect their credit card information. Even away from the computer, consumers are on-edge about identity theft. Today, people shred their receipts, remove their personal information from the face of their checks, and cautiously cover themselves when they type in passwords at public terminals or ATMs. ID cards now have microchipes. People are worried. Tap into this market with a

Hot Topic # 4: Safety.

Along the same lines as worrying about identity theft, people are worried about their safety from other things like crime, chemical warfare attack, and natural disasters. Watch the evening news tonight, and you can list at least twenty things that people are afraid of. When you talk about safety, you are speaking their language. Titles along the lines of "Prepare Yourself for Any Natural Disaster" would go over well, as would those like "Never Be a Crime Victim Again," "How to Defend Yourself in a Parking Lot," or "How to Prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)."

Hot Topic # 5: How-to manuals for any new product recently on the market.

This harks back to the Dummies series, but takes it one step further. Target your book to people who want to buy the most current product in the marketplace. How to use the new model John Deere tractor. You will be sure no one else has a book like yours, and you can say so in your pitch.

Hot Topic # 6: Anything to do with pets.

People pamper their pets more than ever before. Some pets are treated better than people. People who spend small fortunes on their pets will also pay good money for a book that gives them ideas on how to treat their animals more royally than they already do.

Write books on how to pamper your parakeet, homemade meals for picky dogs, where the pet spas are, how to train your kids to be cat-friendly, million dollar homes for mutts, which animals make the best pets, or pet psychology.

Hot Topic # 7: Traveling mixed with the subjects above.

Not only are people traveling more, but they also want to customize their itineraries and their methods of travel with their hobbies and lifestyles. Try a few of these on for size:

1) Where to dine around the globe and still stay on a low-carb diet plan.
2) Hotels with the best exercise facilities,
3) How to travel exquisitely with large dogs,
4) Crime-proof your campsite.

Be creative. There's a market here.