These days more people are flocking to purchase self-help books. Self-help books are leaping off shelves at brick and mortar book stores and online stores. People want to feel that if they read a self-help book, they have the power to change their lives. Whether or not this is true is arguable.

Changing your life, soul searching, and helping thyself, are all great book topics.

As much as ever before, people want to know how to find peace with their pasts, how to be creative or spiritual in a consuming society, and how to find true love. There is no end to how-to books you could create in the category of self-help, or life enrichment. Here are a few more ideas:

* How to marry for life
* How to unbreak your heart
* How to stay sane in a crazy world
* How to meditate

Health is a concern to anyone who is growing old, ill, or faced illness with a loved one or wants more energy or, basically, everybody. Health books are a good investment for you to make. Doctors don't have to be the authors. Anyone with any credentials, or no crendetials at all, can write books on health. Just make sure you don't claim to be a doctor if you're not one.

Use any of these health topics and guarantee yourself immediate interest, readership, and book sales!

1. DISEASE PREVENTION AND CURE. As our baby boomer population ages, health concerns will afflict them, such
as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, or some other malady. Give these people some hope. Create a book on how to cope, how to find the best practitioners, how to avoid disease triggers, or cures that American doctors are unaware of.

2. NATURAL REMEDIES. People are curious about alternatives to standard medicine, and are anxious to try herbal, natural, or holistic treatments. Create a book on any disease that covers alternative cures. For example, "How to Treat Lymphoma, Naturally." Or, you could address natural supplements in general, "The best natural remedies for common ailments," or "Holistic health."

3. DIET. What we eat is always a hot topic. Dozens, if not hundreds, of diet fads exist. Pick any one of them for a book. Then there's obesity, general health, and also diet supplements like vitamins. Think "How to equip your kitchen for macrobiotic dieting." Or, "Eat to cure cancer."

4. HOW TO SURVIVE ANY PHASE OF LIFE. People face numerous demons and battles as they live their lives. For many, when they're in need, they reach out to others for help. Support groups, private therapy, being with friends, starting over - these are all solid topics for a book. You could also reach out to certain people needing emotional assistance, such as:

* How to get through the terrible two's,
* How to cope with a cancer diagnosis,
* Living with your own shortcomings,
* How to live with someone who is dying,
* Surviving high school.

Any of these book topics will do.