Author: Steven R. Lundin
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
ISBN-10:1439228000:  13:1439228005

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Steven Lundin's new book Shooting An Albatross has a little of everything. There is mystery, golf, romance, history and murder. I had slight trepidations with the golf theme of the book, as I do not play, but I am a sucker for historical novels. I surprised myself at how much I learned about the game and the intriguing story had me quickly turning pages.

The book begins with a distinguished gentleman visiting an elderly man. There was a little confusion as to why this gentleman would want to visit someone he inwardly would like to kill. After the first initial pages, I quickly became drawn into a tale that spanned decades.

The only year the PGA did not play was in 1943, during World War II. The 170th Field Artillery Battalion of the United States Army commandeered the El Rancho Golf Course in Los Angeles, California. An army General and naval Admiral, competitively challenged each other to a game of golf-the main problem was, they were both terrible. They decided on a foursome and each leader handpicked their own golf partner. Private Evan Wilkins was the General's choice for the army, and he was immediately relieved of all army training duties and was to spend all day, everyday, golfing until the day of the game.

The details of the story are told by the elderly Major Floyd Ackerly, Private Wilkins' commanding officer. Ackerly hated Wilkins because he had no real authority over the young private. His jealously and frustration lead to his seething anger in believing everything Evan had was his, including the affections of Amanda, the daughter of a Hollywood film mogul, who lived in a mansion on the edge of the golf course.

The Army won the exciting golf game, with a final hole that gives the book its name. Afterward, they were immediately sent overseas to join the war. Ackerly's hatred for Evan continued to fester, and you will not be able to set this book down until you have reached the final page. As I read the story, I wondered how Ackerly could relate some of the details, since he wasn't privy to all of the information. I finally realized toward the end of the tale, how these details were revealed.

Shooting An Albatross is not just a golfing story, it is a suspenseful and exciting tale that is woven into the history of our country.

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