Hot Topics in Book Writing For Women
Brian Scott

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By Brian Scott
Published on July 27, 2009
Book topics of special interest to women The facts don't lie

Book topics of special interest to women. The facts don't lie. Women dominate the Internet, and they spend or influence spending of 80 cents for every dollar changing hands. Women's needs have never been so important to business owners and authors.

Certain topics appeal to females. These include beauty, health, decorating, emotional support, and life enrichment. Women do a few things, generally, that men don't. They play bunko, wear make-up, and talk for hours to their girlfriends on the phone. They send more greeting cards, prepare more casseroles, and vacuum more often than men. They eat more salads and go shopping more often for clothes. They get more pedicures and love to dance more than the average man.

Keep two things in mind about women and books: if you want to attract a female market, you need to 1) write about a topic that women like to read about; and 2) you want to make the title friendly towards women.

Here's a female-oriented subject and title: "Where to find great shopping bargains in Taos." And here's a male subject: "Where to catch the most fish in Taos."

Here's a female-friendly title (same as above): "Where to find great shopping bargains in Taos." And here's a male-friendly title on the same subject: "Keep your money in your pocket in Taos." Do you see the difference? Know your market; if you need to choose between one or the other, you're safe going with the women's title.

Sex. People don't need to sneak out of bookstores with erotic books in their hands anymore, and they know it. They are looking on the Internet for sex materials, toys, and books. The Internet is private; individuals can take their sweet time, and they can surf with or without a lover sharing their chair. There's been a recent book success entitled, "Orgasms for two." There is room for more similar books. On the subject of sex, this is one case where a fiction book may also do the trick. You could create erotic short stories or a how-to-have-great-sex book. Either book would entice adults interested in this category (and incidentally, most adults are indeed interested in this category).

Perhaps sixteen year old girls don't want to look younger, but from that point on -- and for most of the population in Western society -- looking young is a common desire. Everybody wants to find the fountain of youth, whether it's in a pill bottle, a special diet, surgery, or a book.

A book about staying or appearing young in the face of growing old always has a solid future. Here are some title ideas, and I'm sure you can come up with a truckload more.

* "Drop ten years and ten pounds in ten days"
* "How to look 28 forever"
* "100 ways to look younger"
* "Grocery store products that will help you look younger"
* "Look 30 again without surgery"
* "How to live to be 100"

This topic is red hot. Botox, surgery, chemical peels, lasers, diets, acupuncture, electronic pulses, mega vitamins, prescription teas, thigh cream, and teeth whiteners are being purchased by baby boomers, the elderly, and even women as young as 20 ! No one wants to look a day older than they have to.