Authors: Sharon Sebastian and Raymond G. Bohlin, PH.D
Publisher: Virtual Bookworm
ISBN: 978-1-60264-393-2

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Sharon Sebastian, co-author of Darwin’s Racists…, has written for television and film. Her communication degree has helped her to work in the fields of international marketing and public speaking. (book insert, 2009) Dr. Bohlins’ background is cell and molecular biology. He is president of Probe Ministries and graduate from the University of Illinois and University of North Texas. He has authored numerous books and articles on the topics of science and/or biology.

The beginning of this controversial book reflects back on the primary presidential election of 2008 where America was divided on the topic of having our first black, or woman, president. (2009, p.1) As I recall, rhetoric on the right was heated, divisive, and racially biased, but that was not noted specifically in this book. However, the authors will attempt to prove that most racial bias occurs from the liberal left and is due to acceptance of Darwin’s theory of Evolution over and against those who believe in Christianity. In my esteem, their (Sebastian and Bohlin) statements toward this end fall way short of making logical arguments or presentation of factual information to support such allegations.

Toward the middle point of this book the authors take gross licensure to try to tie Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, and even Planned Parenthood to Darwinian Theory and racial biases with regard to selective breeding leading to racial superiority or “weeding out” the weak links via abortion or outright killing. (2009, ch.4-5) No proof is offered to connect those thoughts. Next they (the authors) take a trip down evolution lane by ticking off how many early civilizations have not been proven by fossils, skeletons, or other credible data calling them “fakes or frauds”. (ch.6) All allegations made by the authors have no factual basis nor are they ground in scientific evidence that they state is missing from other, and perhaps more credible, theories.

Sebastian and Bohlin attack educators and the ACLU, especially Reverend Al  Sharpton,  for “…….keeping God out of school”.   (2009, ch.7) They (the authors) allege that Darwinism is merely a theory with no backbone and that “Theories should and must be challenged.”  Scientifically speaking I would concur if they had offered anything to support that hypothesis beyond words. Sebastian and Bohlin interpret the Bible as having all of the ingredients of proof as to how the world began. I.e., (p.97) “…beginning (time) God (force) created (action)…heavens (space) ….earth (matter), …universe.”  Yet, their “scientific” challenge [huge assumption to imply such] using the Bible as absolute proof falls short of actually disproving the theory proposed by Darwin and supporting creationism.

Later chapters of this book attempt, in vain I might add, to persuade the reader that media and various television programs exist only to discredit the teachings of the Bible and promote “mind control”. (2009, ch.9)  One example of media bias, selected by the authors, was from a National Geographic story(p.126). It is so far reaching that the point being made is missed entirely because it appears to be based only on (authors) opinions and personal biases.

Without provocation, nor overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the authors have selected to attack Darwinism with Biblical ideology. Premises offered are based entirely on contrasting beliefs regarding cloning, stem cell research, micro/macro-evolution, mind control, and genetic engineering.  Again these examples, analysis, and thoughts appear to be incomplete, sometimes incoherent, or rambling while negating to consider the scientific data compiled by credible and notable scientists/geologists for how the earth has been formed (carbon dating, etc.). 

It is my opinion that this book was written to support merging religion with education and politics toward creation of a more theocratic society and away from scientific proofs or explanation that differs from their personal/professional beliefs. The title suggests that Darwin is responsible for racism, but the arguments proffered in this book do not adequately, nor logically, prove that to be the case. 

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