Author: Ginger Rue
ISBN: 978-1-582-46269-1

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Ginger Rue has written a very entertaining YA novel. She was the advice columnist for Sweet 16 magazine and has written for Girls’ Life, Teen Vogue, and Seventeen magazines, among others. Ginger has drawn from her experiences with celebrity journalism and teaching middle school English while writing her first novel, Brand-New Emily.

All of Ginger’s experiences with teenager angst is lively and alive in Brand-New Emily.

Emily is the 14 year old daughter of an accountant. After her mother dies, the father and daughter team move to a small town in Ohio. Emily is ostracized in school by a bunch of bullies, she calls “The daisies” headed by Heatherly, a tough, mean teenager who rules by meanness. She has no mother, no friends to sit with at lunch or after school. Mrs. Crutchfield, her English teacher is her only friend.

During an English lesson on poetry, Mrs. Crutchfield discusses the meanings of the poem: Robert Frost's Road Less Traveled which will influence Emily’s moves to be accepted by her peers.

By a chain of accidental happenings, she hires a publicist to help her change her image and get new friends. The publicist transforms her looks with a new hairdo and subtle make-up, and she creates a buzz about the brand new Em. She pretends that Colby, the star filming in their town is her new boyfriend. She wears the new fashions before they become popular, and imbues Em with self-confidence.

We learn a lot about the psyche of bullies and how they react to the new Emily. However, will the new Em find love with the boy she likes, Ryan? Or will Emily take back her personality.

Written with a lot of verve and wittiness, Brand-new Emily is not a book that you can put down easily. It will make you cry, and it will make you laugh. The characters are very real and the plot is quite interesting. It’s an excellent read for both teenagers and adults alike.

Ginger Rue’s fast-paced and compulsively readable debut novel, reveals the machinations and manipulations behind the creation of a top-selling brand and gives preteen readers an up-close look at the efforts and resources that go in creating a teen Sensation.

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