Author: Florence B. Weinberg
Publisher:Twilight Times Books
ISBN: 978-1-933353-46-3

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I was truly blessed by this package that was sent to me in the mail by Ms. Weinberg.  I’ve been lucky enough to live in the Land of Enchantment for the past six years of my life, and I can literally tell you that New Mexico’s history, beauty, and all out historical history is a sight to behold and study.

This wonderful book, which was a 2008 New Mexico Book Awards Finalist, is a study of extremely different cultures.  Within the pages, the reader will become captivated by a dust-covered land where the 16th century Spanish and the Pueblo Indians collided.

In 1580, a Franciscan friar named Agustin Rodriguez, asked to lead a group of holy men and soldiers to the northern frontier.  He wanted with all his heart to introduce Christianity to the Pueblo peoples.  I know…hit the brakes, right?  Dating back to ancient Greece and Rome, introducing Christianity got most people hung, drawn, quartered, and all other kinds of fun stuff.  But, like Saint Gregory, many people have worked over time to bring the Lord to others and suffered the consequences.

The expedition left Santa Barbara in 1581, and this is the part of the book where the scenery, literally, will pull you in to a world that’s as beautiful and frightening as it is desolate.  The legend of Cibola – the lost city of gold – is prevalent in most of the minds along this journey and, unfortunately, there is a mutiny by one of their own and the “saintly” trip quickly turns in to one of greed.

This historical journey will leave you extremely happy, sad, and mad at the same time.  You will scream at the injustices; you will choose sides; and, mark my words, you will run to Google or your local library and try to learn as much as possible about this historic time.  Do you know what I call that, guys and gals?

An extremely good writer!  Bravo Florence Weinberg!  I hope they carve out a section of my local library just for your books.

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