Author: Guy Stevenson
Publisher: Clear Fountain Press
ISBN:  978-0-9805698-1-0

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Where do we go when our life on earth is over?  Most of us say Heaven and hope for streets of gold, but is that just a child’s dream?  What of our past life, filled with goodness and sins, does that count in the hereafter?  Dreams of the Fifth Dimension spins us a tale of warning about the life yet to come.

Our nameless hero wakes into total blackness, lost in a void.  He has just died and is now in total darkness and, so he thinks, alone.  He is finally led from total darkness to twilight and a sparse room with just a table, chair, and bed, not really a great afterlife, is it? 

He soon learns that the afterlife is a reflection of the life the person just spent on earth.  His is not the worse or the best, but there is hope for all he learns.  Through lessons by enlightened elders and his own striving, he can move up in the worlds of the afterlife.  He applies himself to study and reflection, even going out into the other worlds to help the less fortunate and he moves up the karmatic ranks.

This book takes a great topic and dulls it down to mind numbing boredom.  The prose is listless like the first world our hero encounters but, unfortunately, doesn’t get any better.  The tale spins out lacklusterly, and the reader plods along on the journeys of the hero more out of duty than eagerness.  The text fails to give the readers any sense of excitement or fear and we continue to follow hoping for a higher realm we never find.

The great lessons that are included for our education are hopelessly muddled and incomprehensible, page after page of jabbering on what could have been an interesting read in the hands of another writer. These lessons are the supposed to be the words that changes the existence of the hero, but the readers wonders how he even understood them in the first place.

I happened to notice tucked away on one of the forepages a mention that this book is based on the work of one G. Franchezo, 1894. Who is this man and where did he get such radical ideals in 1894?  I plan to investigate his life and put this book on the shelf of bad reading experiences.

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