Author: Delaney Henderson
Publishers: A-Argus Better Book Publishers, LLC
ISBN:  987-09819075-7-4

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Travel is a wonderful way to leave the ordinary and experience the unusual and unexpected.  Each country is filled with knowledge, culture, and a life totally different from the daily grind of an American.  However, we Americans are accustomed to our freedoms and beliefs and travellers can easily get lost in dangerous underworlds they don’t understand.

Ann is on an exciting tour of the world and her next stop is Africa.  She has lived the wild, free life, dumping and picking up new traveling companions and doing what she wanted.  Now, though, she goes from the modern Western world to the mystic life of Africa. Africa isn’t Europe and in Morocco, life goes by a different set of rules.

At first, it seems to be a place for liberation.  She can meet up with people from all over the world, exploring the towns and easily smoking as much hashish as possible.  She drifts from friend to friend and house to house like a vagabond, doing what she wants and only what she wants.

What she doesn’t know is the free and easy drug life is a sucking vortex, ready to consume the unsuspecting American.  While she is smoking all this hashish she meets the people of its seamy underworld, drug runners who need Americans to run the drugs into America and Canada.  Bold from the ease with which she has smoked all these drugs, she decides to be a carrier.  Her life soon becomes shadowy, having to move to out of the way places in the middle of the night to escape the police and hiding from possible capture. 

She is now in over her head yet not willing to drop out.This book opens up a new and interesting world.  It’s not so much the country that captivates but the dangerous subculture of drugs and daring.  To many Americans, the ideal of doing drugs in public and being recruited for drug smuggling is the plot of an adventure movie, but not real life.  They have grown up safe and secure in the land of the free and feel immune to such strange insanity.  This book describes in detail another part of life, where drugs, death, and danger reign.  While the story is fiction, these characters are not real; the situations are real to life enough the reader is engrossed by this risk-taking lifestyle.   The plot and setting of The Travelers work together to create a story that will thrill the most jaded palate and gives the reader excitement without the risk of living out life in an African jail.

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