Author's Name: Peter J.Hayden
ISBN number: 978-1-4392-2972-9
Publisher: Book Surge Publishing

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Davey Bighead is a unique story about a kid with a special characteristic. At first it seems like a curse to have an enormous head, and it often is as he gets stuck in doorways. He has a hard time fitting his head through the opening of a simple tee shirt and fitting in is a difficult task. Easy everyday functions are everything but easy for Davey, getting on the bus and climbing on the jungle gym are tricky, to say the least.

But one day, Davey discovers how using his head literally, can bring him new friends. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Davey Bighead: Dream Big is a perfect example how children can be loved and accepted for who they are even if they're different, a friendly reminder for all ages that no matter how different we all are, each one of us have a special and unique talent.

As first in a series, kids will be eager to know what Davey Bighead will dream up next. With colorful illustrations and an inspiring tale, it is sure to attract many young readers.

Author Peter J. Hayden graduated with honors in graphic design and marketing from Concord College in Athens, West Virginia. He was born and raised in Harrisburg, and is one of five children.

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