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How To Promote Your Book on Bookpleasures & Other Sites

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 Promoting Your Book On Bookpleasures & Elsewhere


A great way to promote your book on as well as on other sites is to participate in Norm's Express E-Interviews.

Once you have completed the interview, Norm will create a slide show from the photo image of yourself and your book's cover and this will be included in the interview and posted on

In addition, the interview will be posted on, (this site syndicates to 21 other ezines)*, and There will also be links to the interview on, Amazon's Amapedia and some other social sites.

The cost for the e-interview is $50US and can be paid either via Paypal-Norm will invoice you or via an International Money Postal Order.

To find out more about the E-Interview CLICK HERE

*American Chronicle is a family of 21 online news magazines that includes: World Sentinel, American Chronicle, Catalina Chronicle, Florida Chronicle, Fresno Chronicle, Illinois Chronicle, Irvine ChronicleLong Beach Chronicle, Maryland Chronicle, Palm Springs Chronicle, Pennsylvania Chronicle, Riverside Chronicle, Sacramento Chronicle, San Diego Chronicle, San Jose Chronicle, Santa Barbara Chronicle, Santa Monica Chronicle, and World News.

You May Contact Norm To Find Out More About The E-Interviews at: had the following statistics for 2007'

***1, 466, 553 individual visits wherein  9, 189, 171 pages were accessed,

 and there were 11, 636,365 hits. 

***There were 4017 Average Daily Visits for a monthly average of

 122, 212 accessing 25,175 pages daily or 765, 764 monthly.


***There were 31, 880 daily hits or 969,697 hits per month. 



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