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Burton H. Wolfe's Book The Case Against Jesus

 Burton H. Wolfe, one of our reviewers, recently wrote an e-book The Case Against 'Jesus' that you can purchase from Wild West Publishing House

Here is what Burton has to say about the book:

In contrast to past works that speculate with hundreds of literary references on the question of whether or not the "Jesus Christ" (Yeshua mashia/Joshua the messiah) of the New Testament actually existed, The Case Against 'Jesus' settles the issue as it would be tried in a court of law, with evidence proving that the "savior" and apostles of "Christianity" are entirely fictitious characters and that the purported events described in the scriptures are all inventions of ancient Hebrew scribes. No scholar, no theologian, no historian, has been able to challenge the evidence or refute the conclusions that are presented in this book because they are irrefutable. 


       A brilliant case. Your work is first rate. - Gore Vidal 

        Yours is the first statement, since Albert Schweitzer's at the beginning of the 20th Century, that Christianity will have to surrender the historicity of Jesus. - Professor G.A. Wells, Birbeck College, University of London

        You may not call yourself a scholar, but you certainly have done a great deal of honest scholarly research. It often takes so-called "amateurs" such as yourself to get us so-called "scholars" to see that the Emperor has no clothes. You are to be commended for stressing the importance of the issue of whether Jesus ever lived, inasmuch as the existence of Jesus is the sine qua non for Christianity. As a matter of fact, already in the earlier part of the Second Century Justin Martyr remarks that there are some people who doubt that Jesus ever lived. We have never found his tomb. Jesus is not mentioned in Philo [First Century biographer, historian, and journalist on the spot] or the Pseudepigrapha or Seneca (whose history of the Emperor Tiberius, during whose reign Jesus is said to have been crucified, is extant).
-Louis H. Feldman, Professor of Classics, Yeshiva University, New York

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