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Latest News Announcements From Our Reviewers

Cindy Bauer, one of Bookpleasures.com's reviewers is pleased to announce her give-away contest. For more information CLICK HERE

Click Here To Read What One Blogger Has To Say About Bookpleasures.com and the Priority Book Service 

Bookpleasures.com had the following statistics for 2007'


***1, 466, 553 individual visits wherein  9, 189, 171 pages were accessed,

 and there were 11, 636,365 hits.


***There were 4017 Average Daily Visits for a monthly average of

 122, 212 accessing 25,175 pages daily or 765, 764 monthly.


***There were 31, 880 daily hits or 969,697 hits per month. 




Norm has posted on Bookpleasures.com some of his favorite Classical and Popular Concerts. Click Here to Check them out


Bookpleasures in conjunction with Amazon has now opened a book store displaying Amazon's most popular suggestions. Click Here to view the books.



Just to let you know,  I have joined myspace.com where you will find me at myspace.com/bookpleasures or by clicking HERE

This is an excellent site for authors to promote their books and make thouands of friends and contacts. Check it out if you have not done so.


Norm Goldman, Editor and Publisher of Bookpleasures.com and his artist wife, Lily, recently were in San Jose and Monterey California. Here is their series of articles and watercolors pertaining to this gorgeous area of California.  CLICK HERE  for the full list.

The summer holiday season is upon us and if you want to enter a contest to win free books CLICK HERE

Norm, Editor of Bookpleasures.com and Sketchandtravel.com has been very busy these past few months.

Here are some of the most recent travel articles, water colors and interviews that Norm and his artist wife Lily have contributed to their travel site  sketchandtravel.com.  CLICK HERE  TO READ THE ARTICLES AND VIEW LILY'S ART WORK.



Bookpleasures.com is one of those sites you could spend a lot of time on–there’s so many books, so many reviews, that I would need a bottomless cup of coffee and some serious couch time to even make a dent in his site.

Thank you, Norm, for an engaging interview. Caregivers, and those who aren’t caregivers (yet) will enjoy this conversation about writing, publishing, memoirs, caring for those we love.

~Carol D. O’Dell  Author of Mothering Mother


Though the site doesn’t look like much, the review credibility is above average.  Reviews are detailed and extensive, touching on good and bad qualities of the book.  A literary style of review, focusing more on criticism than summaries.  Reviews may also be posted at Amazon and other review sites, extending their reach. 

I have used this site to obtain reviews, and found the editor Norm Goldman to be one of the real pros in the business.  He genuinely cares about books in general, and does his homework.  If he doesn’t think he can find a reviewer interested in your book, he’ll be honest with you.  He’ll often ask to see an excerpt first before accepting a book for review, even if you use his express review service.  His is one of the few sites I would encourage authors to take advantage of the fee-based service.  While using the express service does not guarantee you a good review, it includes an author interview.  Goldman promotes his author interviews on a wide range of sites, thus extending the reach and potential publicity.

 Bards and Sages


Dear Norm,

I do hope this finds you well.

Thanks in part to your wonderful critique of my book("Pathologies of Public America"), a Canadian
publisher based in Montreal is now acquiring it and will be publishing in the Spring. Of course I'm
absolutely elated about the news! And I do want to thank you again for the lovely review :)

James Polk
(Los Angeles)


Thanks, Norm…and I wanted to compliment you on your wonderful staff of reviewers.  I couldn’t be more impressed by how professional, dependable and thorough they are. Also, I appreciate that the reviews are candid and honest; in a perfect world, every review would be wonderful, but it is refreshing to get honest opinions about the books I pitch.  Big compliments to you all!


Dear Norm Goldman:

I couldn’t have asked for a finer review. If you lived closer I’d have wanted to thank you in person and shake your hand

More than that, I am grateful for your interest in and approval of the work. “Anita’s Heaven” was my only self published book and as such it has had little acknowledgement beyond local press, radio and the internet. Your review, which I’d like to reproduce for mailing will open more minds to Anita’s message.  

Please accept my warmest best wishes. We share at least one thing – retirement. You seem to be using yours as I’m trying to use mine – keeping your mind active and remaining relevant in a world bent on becoming obsolete.  Thanks again. Stay healthy and happy.

Norman Ober, Author of Anita's Heaven


Norm Goldman is a well-renowned book reviewer, who coordinates a team of people that are also available to review books. As a Canadian author, I contacted Norm and asked if he would agree to review my first book. I was pleasantly surprised by his extremely prompt response.

 Norm sent my inquiry out to his team and within several days, a wonderful person in India offered to review my book on hip replacement. He was cordial, friendly, and imminently professional. I was quite pleased with his review. Consequently, I recommended Norm to my friend Anita and once again, a person from his team reviewed her book in a timely and comprehensive fashion. If you are an author, you certainly want to put Norm Goldman and Bookpleasures.com at the top of your list of contacts! Sigrid Macdonald Author of Getting Hip: Recovery from a Total Hip Replacement”

 Sigrid Macdonald, Writer, Freelance (colleague)
worked with you



I appreciate the fantastic review you wrote for my book. It is so well-written and thorough, I may frame it! The best one yet!

Yvonne Perry, Freelance Writer and Owner of Write On! Creative Writing Services

Author of: Right To Recover: Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America



Thank you!!!
I thank you for so many postings of such a good review, you make it so interesting, I just read it
because I was preparing for traveling to Madrid, our grandson is sick and they need us.
When my husband read it, he said what I thought too: Just like me, wandering from time to time.
Thank you again,
Working with Bookpleasures.com was truly a joy in every respect. Norm Goldman was simply wonderful
 to work with throughout it. I therefore highly recommend the book review services this Website provides.
Jeff Maziarek

            Author, Spirituality Simplified


Thanks, Norm. What an engaging review of Circle. Enough to really get the reader into the story but not revealing the conclusion. Really well written. We appreciate your effort.
We'll let you know when the three kids are on the move in the third book, Joup!
Roger Burt
Mr. Goldman,
 I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for the nice review and interview opportunity for Bookpleasures.com. I sincerely appreciate it and what you're doing for all aspiring writers and authors.
Thanks on behalf of us all!
Lori Lacefield
The Seventh Survivor 
 Mr. Goldman,
I wanted to send a quick note to commend Dr. Evelyn Sears on her work.   Within a 16-day period,
she was able to read all three of my novels  (Fish  of Souls, Groundswell, and The God Tools)
and post informative  and  insightful reviews on bookpleasures.com. Her professionalism was  stellar.
 Although, since it took me nearly 5 years to complete the  trilogy, the  speed at which Dr. Sears was
able to go through them was  almost disheartening. (I'm kidding, of course. lol).
And thanks to you for allowing me to submit my work. You have a new  and 
loyal fan to your web site.
Thanks again,
Penny, thanks so much for the great review --- my contact at HarperCollins is pleased too!
Dear Norm,

You're a prince, Norm. I'm so appreciative of all you've done. Not sure if you know this, but I was
 beginning to feel overwhelmed with the task of marketing (it's not my strong suit--and I was missing
 just making the work), and seeing this online, and knowing how this will help us spread the word,
filled me with new energy. There aren't enough words to say thanks.
I continue to be amazed at how many links you generate, Norm.  Any author who is lucky enough to
 have you interested in her or his book is indeed one of the fortunate members of the world of writers.  

Dear Mr. Goldman and Ms. Sears:

Oceanview Publishing would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your recent review on Trash Talk, written by Robert Gussin.   Reviews are vital to a book’s success, and we are pleased that you took the time to read this novel and provide your opinion.

I hope you will find future offerings from Oceanview Publishing to be of interest.

Sincerely, Susan Gregor, President

I know we have already corresponded about this, but I do want to thank you
once again for the great review. Joe will want to thank you personally if he
hasn't already but is still on his book tour, but he will get in touch with
you when the dust settles.
Have a great summer and I will contact you again when the new book's ARC
comes out.
Sarah Blodgett
Personal Assistant
The Office of Joseph Finder
Subject: Re: Review of Schlepping Through The Alps
Hi Norm,
Thanks so much for the kind and thoughtful review. I appreciate it.
Hi Fellow Authors ~ I came across a really great site that I thought I would pass along
to all of you so you can have an Internet Interview and have your book(s) reviewed and posted on Amazon.com at no cost.  The site is www.bookpleasures.com.  I will attest to
 their up-front and very sincere desire to help get our reviews and interviews out there. 
The owner is a gentleman by the name of Norm Goldman who lives in Canada

Bookpleasures is an international community of over 30 reviewers that come from all

walks of life and that review all genre.  Among the reviewers are professors, engineers, scientists, artists, authors, journalists, attorneys, post-grad students and others.  So be prepared to send you book anywhere in the World.  Mine went to India, and I received

a 5 Star Review on Amazon.com.

The reviews also appear on bookpleasures.com and in certain instances the reviewer

will post the review on his or her own site as well as on Amazon.  If the owner/founder personally reviews, (Norm Goldman) then the review is also posted on bookpleasures.com, Amazon.com: Bookideas.com: Authorsden.com:

Searchwarp.com Boazpublishing.com.

Personally, I recommend them as I have had nothing but positive dealings with them, and have acquired some very nice International friends through them.

Please share this great Free Author Service with others and add it to your

"News" Letters.

Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.



Blessings, Judy

Award Winning Author,



Lately I have been reading about the diminishing book review sections of several print media. Read what the National Book Critics have to say by Clicking Here and read what others have to say about book reviewing's disapperance by Clicking Here

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