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The Jewish Lady. The Black Man & The Road Trip

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Author: Carol Sue Gershman

ISBN: 978-61524288 0

I am not quite sure what to make of Carol Sue Gershman and The Jewish Lady. The Black Man And The Road Trip. Here you have a Jewish woman in her late sixties whom the French would succinctly describe as “un numéro.” Even her son, when he was ten, told his friend that is mom was wild but he was wilder.

After divorcing her husband-a marriage which she describes as being boxed-in, Gershman felt she was free to pursue all of her dreams and this meant just about everything from travel, flirting and having sexual encounters with whomever caught her fancy, dabbling in business and real estate, breaking the rules, cosmetic surgeries, and doing anything other than just being a suburban housewife or as she states in the opening sentences of her memoir, “I have chosen adventure over commitment for most of my life.”

Most of the memoir focuses around Gershman’s short relationship with her black lover Xavier Jackson, whom she met at a South Beach Miami jazz club. Xavier at the time was with another woman, however, this didn’t prevent Gershman from going up to him and boldly introducing herself.  The rest, to use the old cliché, is history. The couple seemed to hit it off, however, as both cherished their freedom and space, they agreed to meet only on weekends. 

When Gershman informed Xavier that she would be driving north one summer to meet her family, he immediately responded that he would like to join her. Although she was totally surprised, she nonetheless welcomed an opportunity that would provide them with more time to spend together than just their usual weekend meetings, which incidentally usually included passionate sex. However, at the back of her mind and as she asserts: “Intimacy on a continuous, every-day level was something we both feared.”  After planning a five- week trip from Miami to Montréal, they both agreed that if at any time Xavier wanted out, he would be driven to the nearest airport. As we discover, the couple were attached to each other as friends, lovers and travelers, but, was this enough to have a more permanent and lasting relationship?

Travelling along with Gershman, we get quite an earful of her life, family and relationships, but unfortunately very little from Xavier. As the back cover states, readers will certainly be in for the ride of their life. Moreover, I must admit that several of Gershman’s risqué confessions may prove to be a trifle shocking to some readers, particularly that it comes from someone who is not exactly a spring chicken. 

Click Here To Purchase The Jewish Lady The Black Man And The Road Trip  


The above review was contributed by: The Publisher & Editor of, Norm Goldman, B.A. LL.L, Retired Title Attorney: Norm is also a travel writer and together with his artist wife, Lily, the couple meld Norm's words with Lily's art. To check out their travel site click on   Click here to view Norm’s Reviews & Interviews.









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