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Courage of Fear


Author:Barbara Boyer

ISBN: 9780615203638

Publisher: Ocean-Moon Publishing


I think the closest word I can find to describe Courage of Fear, by Barbara Boyer is surprising. Barbara Boyer was born in Massachusetts, raised her daughter in Kansas, and now resides in California where she delves in writing screenplays, books, and acting. Courage of Fear is her first title.


Angela Hearly-Peterson had obtained everything in life she had ever wanted. A glorious home, an admiring husband, perfect friends, and a Pulitzer for a best-selling novel, Wrestling With the Demons. It all came crashing down one fateful day when her husband, Jackson, commits an appalling act- sending Angela in a tailspin of depression and despair. Fleeing memories and her once perfect life on the West Coast, Angela returns to her family’s home in Nantucket. After a series of misadventures and happenings, the islanders attempt to coax Angela back from the edge in the hopes of finding the woman they remember and loved so dearly.

The first few chapters were great in the way of proof-reading and editing. But as the book went on, I found several comma errors and mis-capitalizations. At some points during the book, I felt like I was reading something narrated by Yoda. Some of the dialog between the characters at the end got a tad lengthy. The book was also written in present tense, which, in my opinion, drew me away from the story. Example: She walks into the room. I prefer: She walked into the room. It makes you feel more relatable to the storyline that way.

When I first picked up this book for review, I thought that I would be getting an inspirational romance. How wrong I was. And, I am in no way, disappointed. Romance is my preferred genre, but I do dabble in others. I’m glad I got this one. I was also a little put off by the title, but once I read the book I understood and think it was a great choice for her to use it.

Courage of Fear is a hauntingly powerful inspirational fiction novel that will toy with your emotions in ways you cannot fathom. Cleverly written and deftly portrayed, Barbara Boyer creates unforgettable characters with an intense plot-line. Her extensive vocabulary and understanding of the human condition makes for a great read. The main character in the book, Angela, at one time was an author. At the beginning of each chapter was a segment from her book the character supposedly wrote. I thought this to be an excellent choice. It made the book stand apart from the rest and only added to the potency of the story. The ending, (don’t worry- I won’t spoil it), was phenomenal. I wasn’t expecting that at all. If you’re in the mood for a good laugh, cry, or intellectually stimulating read, I suggest you pick up Courage of Fear.

The above review was contributed by: Kelly Moran: Kelly is an author of three published books and recipient of an Editors Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in 1993 as well as inducted into the Who's Who book of American's 2006 edition. She is also an avid reader. To read Kelly's reviews Click Here


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