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Fear of Writing:For Writers and Closet Writers by Milli Thornton

The following review was contributed by: CAROLYN HOWARD-JOHNSON

So, you’re a writer. Maybe you have trouble admitting it at a party. Or to yourself. Maybe you don’t feel like a writer because a bad case of “the block” has got you. Milli Thornton’s Fear of Writing to the rescue!

There simply is no way a writer can read this book without stumbling over a reflection of themselves somewhere in its pages. No way one could come away from it without improving her image of herself as a writer, without some new ideas to write about and without actually doing some writing.

If you are so blocked that you don’t believe this, Milli Thornton will take care of that. Her exuberance--her pure force of will--will see to it not only that you read Fear of Writing but that you also read it right. That is, you must pause to do the exercises which she calls (aptly) “fertile material.” And if you but think of sitting back on your laurels for having gone this far, her enthusiasm will propel you forward.

This book is not a big book in size. However, it will consume you and consume some time as well. The author advises that you read it during the daytime when you can write, not before bed when your natural tendency to snooze might interfere with your resolve. Be assured, though, nothing will interfere with Milli’s determination. She will make you into an active writer and probably a better writer. All you must do is give her a chance.

Readers will note that I gave this book a five star rating. I believe in rating a book on content. Rating one any other way is rather like judging a book by its cover or by the press on which it was printed. To be sure, this little book could use some sprucing up in its next edition. Please don’t wait to read it until then. Put aside a writer’s natural tendency to stall over formatting or other details and dig in. Milli Thornton’s book is not about the fine art of making a beautiful book, it’s about the special art of vibrant writing--something she knows much about.

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