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The Spanish Game

Author: Douglas Quinn
ISBN: 0-595-40677-7
Jennifer Ellis thought she had left all the terror behind her eight years ago when the plane her family and schoolmates were on was hijacked. With the help of her father, they take down the terrorists and end up putting themselves in the spotlight with the media and the authorities. She never imagined that after all these years, she would see one of the people also involved in the incident. An innocent recognition turns into a deadly series of events. The past comes back to haunt her in an all too real threat on her life by Ernesto de Rivera, one of the victims involved in the hijacking on the plane eight years ago. Her curiosity gets the better of her and in Jennifer’s attempts to solve the mystery of his appearance in the United States, the Spaniard turns his attention on Jennifer Ellis and her family.
It is present day in the United States and Ernesto de Rivera has come back to take revenge on those responsible for the killing of his wife and children. When the Spaniard finds out that Henry Ellis was also one of the individuals responsible, the heroic father and daughter team become his next new targets. The main character finds herself in yet another chapter of her life in which she has to come to the aid of her family. Jennifer Ellis has to try to save herself and the life of her father.
Douglas Quinn goes through a detailed account of the story so that it is pictured quite clearly in the reader’s mind. The reader is almost lost in all the detail. The Spanish Game really starts to pick up when everyone starts to believe that Jennifer’s fears are not concocted from paranoid memories, but are true events when she gets attacked. This novel holds some mystery, especially when you do not know who is financing Ernesto’s vengeful escapade across the U.S. Cities and his killing spree against those involved in murdering his family.
Near the end of the book, the story becomes a cops and robber chase to catch up to Jennifer’s pursuer and killer, who keeps slipping away from the FBI. The chase scenes were not as thrilling as The Da Vinci Code but the story held onto its own. When Ernesto continues to elude the FBI, it starts to become predictable until he finally escapes to Spain and the suspense is back on track when he targets the Ellis family.
By the end of the last page, you wanted to see just how Jennifer Ellis was going to come out on top. The Spanish Game is worth reading for those readers who enjoy a little intrigue. All avenues do lead to a twist ending and an unexpected character involved in the mix.
The above review was contributed by: Jennifer Andrew -Freelance Writer and Reviewer

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