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The City of the Golden Sun:Sequel to the Fisherman's Son

Author: Marilyn Peake

Publisher: Double Dragon Press, 2004

ISBN: 1554042011

Young Adult


The following review was contributed by:CAROLYN HOWARD-JOHNSON author of award-winning books This is the Place, Harkening and The Frugal Book Promoter: How to Do What Your Publisher Won't:

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Fantasy Sequel Imaginative Entertainment for the Young


 Young people who read Marilyn Peake's The Fisherman's Son are sure to want to read its sequel, The City of the Golden Sun.

Set in a city reminiscent of Atlantis, this book takes young readers with six boy-pals to adventures with dolphins, whales, sea turtle and more. On land there are beasts in the forest, a tree house, and troubles enough to inspire a young readers' imagination. 

These boys, Wiley, Keegan, Arthur, Calder, Nevin and Neil range from six to 12 years of age so the book appeals to a broad age range. In order to expand the appeal of this series, I would like to see Peake install a girl into this six-pack of young adventurers.

It is not that girls will not enjoy this book for they will. It is only that the message of The Golden Sun deserves an audience of avid readers--fans, really. And a girl who can keep up with these boys a la Harry Potter's gal-pal would add something to the conflict and keep kids of both genders drinking deeply of this wholesome fantasy. 

These young boys are deserving heroes and the theme an important one. They come to understand a poetic and thoughtful message. Elden the wise tells them "…drink deeply by land or sea. Earth comes only once." That is a message about life that we would like all of our young people to fully understand.


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