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Meet Michael Schuessler Author of The Holy G-Rail

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Today, Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of is excited to have as our guest, Michael Schuessler author of The Holy G-Rail. Michael is also a photographer, painter and student of the Kabbalah.

According to Michael his book The Holy G-Rail provides a comprehensive guide to finding and releasing the G-Spot, an area that some believe to be the cornerstone of sex. What is revolutionary about his discovery is that it places the emphasis on locating this spot by touch and physical contact.

Good day Michael and thanks for participating in our interview.

Thank you Norm and I really appreciate it!


What motivated you to write The Holy G-Rail?


Norm, in all reality it was a gift from above; an epiphany of sorts.

My Special Lover, (I call her this to keep her identity concealed,) and I were experimenting, adding some different sexual excitement to our lives. We came upon the G-Spot Orgasm quite accidentally. 

It was a miraculous and a mind-blowing thing. Especially considering my Special Lovers prior conditioning, and the many years it took for her, to allow me to release her through clitoral stimulation.

Do not get me wrong; she is a very sexual being! She just had been conditioned to stimulate and release herself after pleasing her partner. It took a lot of patience and study to get her off in that way, so when indirectly we found this new release, the G-Spot release, and felt how powerful it was. I just had to share it with the world. I just couldn’t believe how different of an orgasm it was, or how really simple it was to accomplish. I couldn’t believe that no one had ever approached the G-Spot in this manner before. By the sensation of touch and feel, and by the relation of mans genitalia to that of a woman’s. This, rather than the usual maps and diagrams with an X that marks the spot.


What is the big deal about the G Spot and is there scientific evidence that it does in fact exist or is it all in one’s mind?


As far as scientific evidence I believe the jury is out on that one, probably 70% agreeing and 30% undecided. As far as practical evidence; trust me the G-Spot does exist! My Special Lover can release through the clitoris in many fantastic ways, yet when she G-Spot orgasms… Let me tell you she is wiped out! Usually she is very vocal when she releases through the clitoris. But when she G-Spot orgasms it is so INTENSE that she can’t scream. It totally blows her away.

Now I do believe that female ejaculation and the G-Spot Orgasm is a gray area in the scientific realm. WE need much more research in this area. (SMILES)

I do know that the G-Spot Orgasm is a pre-requisite to female ejaculation. But I do not see any evidence that one must ejaculate to have had the G-Spot orgasm. In fact only a small percentage of the Women or couples I had try The Holy G-rail’s system, experienced female ejaculation the first time they released through the G-Spot.

Here’s the most exciting part of these findings, women from 20 to well over 50 years old with moderate to very sexual appetites experience the G-Spot orgasm for the very first time in their lives. They say it is totally different then the clitoral release. In fact you know you have it when your special someone goes out of her way to please you, and when you are wondering what is up something must be wrong… She smiles, and with a smirk on her face says, “Can I have the “G” this weekend?”


Why are books on love, romance, and relationships so popular today? Are we a nation in emotional crisis?


I think it’s an escape of sorts. Women love to fantasize as much as  men do. It’s all about communication; sometimes it’s hard for us to be honest with one another to say what we want. It’s that deep down fear of rejection. Books on love and romance allow one to escape without fear. We need to let our Lover know that the fantasy can be real. That it’s ok to experience love and sex. It’s ok to communicate what you do and do not like.

Throughout The Holy G-rail I try to impress these things; with chapters on Self-Love, Communication, Patience, and even on the process of warming up your partner. All of these hints tell the reader that every thing is OK as long as we are honest with our feelings. I mean really we are sharing the most intimate parts of our being with each other. We really should be able to talk and share these wants and fantasies with each other! If we are able to do these things in the private areas of our lives, it truly can create happiness in All-Ways and aspects our day-to-day lives.

Are we a nation in emotional crisis? No, I do not believe so, I think if we just get down to honesty and lose the fear, first in the bedroom with our most intimate partners. Then we can let our guard down, just a little in the main areas of our day-to-day lives.


Does your writing career ever conflict with your other careers such as painter and photographer?


No, not at all! Creativity comes in many different forms. As long as I’m being creative it’s all good. I believe in the creative sensuality of movement; Desire that is what all life is about, in All-Ways!

Plus I really enjoy the research!! (Grins)


Whom do you believe will benefit from your book and why?


Everyone!  The Holy G-rail promotes not only sexual happiness through the G-Spot release, but also emotional and spiritual release through communication and patience. With my Spiritual background I have subtly given hints to increase all areas of this, the life we lead. Yet I have kept it simple to read and easy to perform, so as not to bore or preach. All the information is there, all you have to do is be open to it!


How has the feedback been so far? As a follow up, although the book is addressed to men, what has been the reaction of women to your book?


The feedback has been fantastic! From the regular everyday person to the medical community!

I actually get a better response from women. They see it is written in a caring subtle way, that their partner will not find threatening if it is given as a gift. It is short, easy to read, totally works, and promotes all aspects of communication, patience, even sexual foreplay and self-love; the simpler things that are sometimes forgotten.  It is also written in a romance type of way. It’s exciting mentally, sexually and emotionally. I compare the women within our lives to “The Holy Grail”, which do I believe they are!

Men tend to feel a little intimidated. They do not want to seem like they need advice in any aspect of their sexual lives. Although after they read the book, they find a simple approach to an area that they never knew existed on their partner. In addition to this, they find that their partner will do things that they never dreamed! This because, he has taken time to release her “G” to give her the respect of caring enough to talk to her, take time with her, and listen to her needs! This creates a release within her in ways he never dreamed of! They end up recognizing that if they give it all up for her, in the end they will get it all back tenfold!  It affects every aspect of their lives. It is a truly wondrous thing!


Can you explain some of your research techniques, and how you found sources for your book?


Norm, I must say research was the simplest of processes as far as the book goes. As soon as my Special Lover and I experience the G-Spot orgasm for the first time, and I had the Epiphany, it was just a matter of finding willing participants, women and couples that wanted to excel sexually and that had never experienced the G-Spot orgasm. I have to tell you there are a lot of women and couples that haven’t experienced this wondrous release! I did confirm my theory with numerous books and videos. Again this is nothing new, the G-Spot that is. What is different is my approach to this wondrous area within that chalice of life that lies before us. Approaching it by the relation of mans genitalia to that of a woman’s and by texture and feel.


Can you tell us how you found representation for your book? Did you pitch it to an agent, or query publishers who would most likely publish this type of book? Any rejections? Did you self-publish?


Well Norm, my publicist is a true believer; she spends sleepless nights finding new and exciting ways and avenues for me to get the message that The Holy G-rail has to offer out to the public!

As far as publishers, we queried many. For me it was a matter of excitement; the excitement I did or did not feel from the publisher. I really felt an overwhelming pressure from within to get the information I had to share out. Also at the time, before the manuscript was finished, Playboy Radio had already contacted me to be on as a guest with Tiffany Granath, on “The Afternoon Advice Show”.

Most of the larger publishing companies I had contacted would not have had the book ready to go to the press for at least 6-8 more months.  So I self-published with no binding contract, that way I can pursue a larger publishing company after they see the progress, recognition and sales that the book has gained. Again I felt like I needed to strike while the iron was hot! In retrospect I believe I made the correct choice. I have had 13 + interviews since the release at the end of January of this year, and have already surpassed 500 + in sales. If I had gone with a larger publishing company it would not have been published until now, and the momentum I started with would have been gone.


What challenges or obstacles did you encounter while writing your book? How did you overcome these challenges?


The first challenge was time, finding the time. The inspiration was there but I found myself on numerous occasions watching the sunrise and then having to put a full day in doing other work.

The other main challenge was not allowing my editor to change my intentions or inflections within the book. This was very tough; one word would change the whole intention of a sentence, or phrase.

I spent many painstaking hours removing words or changing them so as not to tell the reader what to do, to gently nudge or suggest an intention. After the first edit a lot of the changes were right back in; OUCH! That truly was the challenge; keeping my writing style, and not allowing the editor to overtake the book with his style of writing. After many one on one talks with him and re-edits he became accustomed to what I wanted to portray and inflect and it paid off.


I noticed from reading your bio that you are a student of the Kabbalah. How did you become interested in the Kabala and how has it influenced your writing, painting and photography?


Wow that’s a long story; but I’ll keep it short.  Basically I started within orthodox religion. I was brought up to believe in a wrathful God. At a certain age after some painful loss I decided that, living in fear wasn’t the way to live. So I searched, missed the mark so to speak a couple of times, and finally found the Kabbalah or rather it found me!

It showed me how to interpret life, love, and that Higher power, the One –Self, rather than function on blind faith and fear. I believe that everything that Is, Was, and Will-Be, is here now, and that I am a center of Expression for the Primal Will to Good which eternally creates and sustains the universe.

How does this influence my Creativity? All of life is Creativity sparked by Desire, we have only to tap into this inexhaustible energy and All-Things are in All-Ways within our reach!


Is there anything else you wish to add that we have not covered and what is next for Michael Schuessler?


What’s next?  More creativity on all levels, (Smiles)

I have in the works 5 more Volumes of “The Holy G-rail”. I have had such an overwhelming positive response to the book and to my weekly blogs on my space, ( that I feel I need to expand the individual chapters of the book. So be looking for:

The Holy G-rail - Vol. I, The road through Self-love.

The Holy G-rail - Vol. II, Simplifying the journey through Clarified Communication.

The Holy G-rail - Vol. III, Treading lightly with Patience.

The Holy G-rail - Vol. IV, Expanding your warm-up techniques.

The Holy G-rail - G-Spot, R-Relating, A-Anatomy, I-Into, L-Lovemaking. (The completed volume)

Changing The World One Orgasm At A Time™ - All roads lead to the Holy Grail.

You can get The Holy G-rail at;, (just click & type in gspot my book comes up number one)

Thank you so much again I have really enjoyed this!

Thanks once again and good luck with your book.

Click Here To Purchase From Amazon The Holy G-Rail

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