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Roger Ellerton Author of Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up Interviewed

 Author: Roger Ellerton

 ISBN: 1412047099


The following interview was conducted by: NORM GOLDMAN:  Editor of Bookpleasures. CLICK TO VIEW  Norm Goldman's Reviews

To read Norm's Review of Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up CLICK HERE

Today, Norm Goldman, Editor of is pleased to have as our guest, Roger Ellerton author of Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up.

Good day Roger and thank you for agreeing to participate in our interview.


Please tell our readers a little bit about your personal and professional background. Also, please tell our readers something about Renewal Technologies Inc. I believe you are the founder and its managing partner. How did it come to be?


Thank you Norm. Generally, I would say that my life has been very successful with my personal and professional background characterized by change together with a journey to discover my inner self.

Today I have a good understanding of who I am, I have a loving wife and four wonderful children and I enjoy what I do. Ten years ago, I established Renewal Technologies Inc, which provides me with the opportunity to assist others by working with like-minded, self-employed friends. We provide management and communication seminars, NLP certification training, individual and management coaching, consulting services and keynote presentations.

And it was not always like this. For many years I found myself watching life as something outside of me, harshly judging people, especially myself, and collecting degrees, designations or titles that I felt in some ways defined who I was and gave me credibility. I really had no understanding of who was inside or my purpose in life. I started my professional journey by earning a PhD in Statistics and a tenured faculty position at the University of New Brunswick.

Although I did not know it at the time, I was on a journey to discover my true self. I went through several major changes in family life, including significant relationships/marriages (to women whom I respect and remain friends with today) and my career – university professor to consultant and researcher in social sciences (up to this point all of my studies had been in mathematics, physics and operational research) to executive in the federal government (responsible for information management and technology development) to certified management consultant (CMC) in organizational change to eventually doing what I truly love – assisting others to know themselves and to identify and achieve their desires and dreams.

About fifteen years ago, I started to explore human change methodologies (especially NLP – neuro-linguistic programming), with the intention of getting a better understanding of how other people function so that I could be of assistance in helping them through change. Eventually I become an NLP trainer and as I learned more about other people, I began to learn more about myself -- my inner self. As I discovered this person, I came to love who I am, cherish the magnificence of my imperfections and in so doing I improved my relationships with family, friends and colleagues. I am still on a journey of self discovery and believe that it will never really end.

Of the personal growth methodologies, NLP had the most impact on me and I saw its value not only for getting a better understanding of myself, but also for appreciating others in my life – realizing they have different needs, beliefs and values and no matter what their behaviors they are doing the best they can with the resources they have available to them at the time. Today, NLP forms the cornerstone of my personal evolution and by business activities.

On my journey, I have learned a great deal. I wrote Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up with the intention of sharing this information with other people. By providing knowledge and techniques on personal growth, my hope is that readers will gain a better understanding of themselves and others in their life and in so doing create the life they desire.


How did Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up come about? Why do you feel that this was an important book for you to write and for all of us to read at this time?


There are many high-quality NLP books, so why add to this list? Three reasons actually:

As an NLP coach and trainer, I am often asked to recommend a good NLP book. Despite the number of NLP books available, I often found it difficult to recommend just one or two books to meet their needs and interests. I would end up recommending a number of different books. Now I can recommend a single book that will meet most of the needs of those who are looking for an introductory NLP book or looking for more in life.

Second, I wanted a book that my colleagues and I could use as an introduction to our NLP training program and that the students would value as a good reference after the training.

Third, I have received a great deal of positive feedback on the articles that I have written over the past three years. Many people from around the world have read my articles and sent e-mails saying they valued and appreciated how clearly I expressed my ideas or explained NLP concepts. I also received requests from people asking for permission to use specific articles as part of a course or in a presentation or to republish on their website or in their newsletter -- NASA has published two of my articles in their Human Resources newsletter Work/Life Navigator. I felt that if I pulled my articles together in a book and added additional relevant material, then this book would satisfy a genuine need.


What kind of research did you do to write this book? 


My book serves as an introduction to NLP, assists the reader to think about how their life can be different and provides tips and techniques for anyone looking for or assisting others with personal change. Hence some of my research is based on:

  • My own personal experiences.

  • Issues raised and resolved by my clients.

  • Discussions with my students during NLP training courses. At least two of the sections in the book were written immediately following a stimulating discussion in an NLP certification training.

Other research includes:

  • Attending a variety of personal development seminars, workshops and conferences.

  • Studying and practicing to become a certified NLP trainer.

  • Discussing ideas and concepts with colleagues.

  • Co-training with other certified trainers.

  • Providing consulting, coaching and training services to a variety of clients.

  • Reading NLP and other personal development books and articles posted on the Internet.

  • Receiving feedback from readers of my articles – what they liked or didn’t.


Could you give our readers a brief description of NLP and what benefits do you hope readers will walk away after reading your book and implementing NLP?


Let me explain NLP in the following way. There are really only two conversations. The first is the conversation that you have with yourself and the second is the one that you have with someone else. If the conversation that you have with yourself is something along the lines of “I’m not good enough”, “Nobody likes me”, or “I am ashamed of myself”, then what kind of conversation will you have with someone else? NLP is all about communication. First improving the communication that you have with yourself -- knowing who you are and what you want in life, not being a victim to others needs and providing internal resources to feel good about yourself and to achieve your dreams. Second improving the conversation you have with others, by being flexible in how you communicate and recognizing and respecting that we all communicate in our unique ways due to different beliefs, values and desires in life.

My hope is that the reader will get an improved understanding of who they are, their hopes and desires in life and realize they have already have the internal resources required to achieve their dreams. I also hope that they will gain a better understanding of other people in order to create the relationships they desire.


What has your experience been with self publishing? Do you recommend it over traditional publishers?


I have enjoyed the process. Several years ago, I helped a colleague publish her book. We spent a great deal of time and money finding an agent and submitting proposals to publishing companies. In the end, we decided that it was not worthwhile as once your book is published, you still have to get out and promote it. The advantage that traditional book publishers have is access to distribution channels to get your book into bookstores. However, with on-line book retailers such as, the need for traditional publishers is significantly reduced.

By self publishing, I was able to write a book that is a reflection of me with the messages that I wanted to deliver. I had complete control over the look and contents. I was able to hire a book cover and interior designer and an editor who understood my outcome and worked with me to achieve it.


How have you used the Internet to market your book as well as Renewal Technologies Inc?


To date, I have made extensive use of the Internet to publicize my book. I have used it to find book reviewers, to publish excerpts from my book, to distribute my electronic newsletter and to direct potential buyers to the publisher or on-line retailers.

My next activity is to focus on non-Internet promotional activities such as speaking engagements, articles in print magazines and newspapers and networking. And the Internet will be used to research and set-up these activities.


How has the feedback pertaining to your book been so far?


So far I am really pleased with the feedback, given my book was only published last month. Many people have contacted me commenting on how easy it is to read, that it really made them think about how they were going about life and what they were achieving. I am particularly pleased, as some of these people were not looking for NLP techniques, but how they could change their lives.

Previous students have told me that it is a great reference and refresher for the material that we covered during their training and were surprised and pleased with the additional material that was included in the book.


Will there be any unique ways you'll be marketing your book that is different from how others authors market books of a similar genre?


I am not sure if I will have any unique ways for promoting my book. I have been busy researching how others have promoted their books and adapting their ways to my particular interests and strengths. To date I have been publishing my own newsletter, contributing excerpts from my book to other on-line newsletters and following up on potential opportunities as they arise.


Is there anything else we have not covered that you would like to add?


No, not at this time. Your questions have been quite extensive. Thank you for the opportunity to speak about my book. Additional information on my book can be found at

Thanks once again and good luck with Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up.

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