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Here Are Some Excellent Writers' Resources-Check Them Out

                       BOOK REVIEW RESOURCES

SOUND ADVICE CONCERNING HAVING YOUR BOOK REVIEWED: Getting You Book RevewedFunds For Writers (Great Site!)  Interesting Interview As To How To Market Your Book: Forty Ways To Use Book Reviews:   How To Spot A Phony Reviewer:   Publish your articles for free, and let us promote them!Book News (What is happening in the world of book launching?):   Readers' Read Book News BlogReaders' Read New Books To Be ReleasedCanada's Magazine of Books and News-Quill & QuireWritten Voices Radio: Protecting and Marketing Your Work




Writer's Roundtable (Internet Talk Show) :      Karen Villanueva Author Services (Publicity, Author Rep, Book Tours): Free Book Publicity for Authors, Publishers & Publicists:      Writer Beware- Alerts for Writers

AuthorMe.Com (Excellent Support Site For Authors):   Books & Authors Literary Links: Publishing Central:   World Writer-Comprehensive Resource For Both New and Established Writers:       7 Book Publishing Tips For Authors & Small Publishers World Publishers’ Addresses:    Writing Links & Links For Writers:   Writers' Resources (Excellent site!)The Critter's Library (Excellent site for list of sources): Writers Net:    Author’s Resources & Services:    Written Voices Radio-Author Interviews:      Book author and literary consultant Patricia Anderson, PhDWingSpam Press-Interesting Self-Publishing Site:   The Writer’s Resource Center- Excellent Site:   Writing-World:    Women On  Writing :  FERN REISS PUBLISHING GURU:     Write Corner Press--A Site for Writers and ReadersA Novel Approach by Marilyn Brannen:     Edit Phobia by Sari Mathes:    Writing Fantasy - Magic & Milieu by Joanna Skevis:    Writing Back Cover Copy by Sari Mathes:  Non-Native Speaker Stories by Sari Mathes:   Mark Twain on Cooper's Prose Style by Mark Twain:    Tips on Getting Freelance Work by Deborah Greenspan:   How to Begin a Book by Deborah Greenspan:   Constructing a Story by Deborah Greenspan:   Editing Your Own Book by Deborah Greenspan:    Tips on Creating Immediacy by Cassandra Skevis:    Tips on Doing Research:     How to Make Money by Writing a Book - by Henry Willis Marketing 101 by Deborah Greenspan:   How Well is My Book Selling - by Henry Willis:   Making Headlines - by Deborah Greenspan:      Selling Books - Deborah Greenspan:   Selling to Bookstores - Gordon Swanson:      Writing by the Book by Cassandra Skevis:    Writing.Com-Excellent Articles On Writing   Long Story Short School of Writing

                             MARKETING AND PUBLICITY 

     9 More Clever Publicity Tips For Authors:    How Authors Can Piggyback Off The Holidays For Free Publicity:     Media Finder-Comprehensive Media Finder:   Top Book Marketing Sites:    Author Marketing (Excellent Site & Free Newsletter To Subscribe to):    Writer's Markets:     Francine Silverman’s Book Promotion Newsletter:     Judy Cullins Book Doctor- Excellent Tips on Marketing Your Book: How To Find A Book Reviewer:    Book Marketing and Publicity: Marketing and Publicity Tips for Authors:



    BOOKSPOT:   Spoiled Ezine- publishes fiction, columns, book reviews etc:    Book Catcher:    Book Talk- Terrific Site!:   Book Bytes and Beyond:  The Write News Authors Den:    Bookflash:    Bookselling This Week:    Publishers WeeklyBookflash Book Zone Pro  Publishers Lunch:   Arts & Letters Daily: Newspaper Book Reviews:    Arts & Letters Daily:    The Writer Gazette:


The Internet Public Library:   Hot Books-The Review Portal for Visual Publications  

 Blue Rectangle (A terrrific book store that buys and sells all kinds of books) (New and Used Books)

 World Audience Inc (Publishers of Quality Literature in Various Genres) (New & Used  College Textbooks)     

INTERESTING INFO ABOUT BOOKS, MAGAZINES AND NEWSPAPERS:   BANYON PUBLISHING-WEB SITE  FOR SELF-PUBLISHED  AUTHORS: Showcase for New Canadian Publications    The Free Stuff Directory:    Free Articles Submissions:    Writing Biz:    The Most  Borrowed Books:   Authors On The WebAmerican Library’s Editors’ Choice of Books:    Poynteronline-Everything You Need To Know To Be A Better Journalist:    Internet Book Information Center:  Internet Public Library Books That Changed Lives:   Internet Resources Outside the Library of Congress:   Cheryl Wright, Award Winning Australian Author:   The Online Books Page:   The Internet Theater Bookshop:   Pictures From Old Books:    Books for Atheists:   Accent On Images (illustrated books):   American Writers: America’s Story from America’s Library:   Animated History Of Books:   AnyTitle.comGreat Books Literary Cafes & Chatrooms: Historical Novel Society:    NORM AND LILY’S TRAVEL SITE:    Joanna Goldman's Art Site Mind Publishing UK -Publishers of Books For Career Success And  Inspiration   Fifty and with Dr. Dorree Lynn:    The League of Laboring Poets:    Public Domain Books:    Read Books Online:   Literary Resources On the Net:   The New York Library For The Perfoming Arts:  The Ancient Library  The Great American Poety Show   New York Times Book Reviews

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