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Life On Purpose: Six Passages To An Inspired Life

Author: Dr. Brad Swift
ISBN: 1600700241
How many people in the world today actually feel that they have a purpose in life....that they are doing something they love, but most importantly, are positively touching the lives of others in the process?
Life needn't be a burden or a struggle.  Brad Swift, in his book 'Life On Purpose', shows us how we can be successful and love what we are doing by discovering what our core values are. The author explains to us that our life purpose is not just the job we hold, but is comprised of our deeper goals. It often takes a bit of inner searching to determine these goals and Swift includes many ideas and exercises in his book to guide people in discerning what their true values and goals are.
He gives us an example of his own life purpose, which is to "live an inspired and inspiring life of purposeful, passionate and playful service; a life of mindful abundance balanced with simplicity; and a life of spiritual serenity." Once we focus on our true life purpose, which would include bringing joy to ourselves and others, the details of how we can accomplish our purpose, begin to fall naturally into place.
I feel "Life On Purpose" stands out from many of the other self help books. I think the reader will find that it has more depth than some writings which only advise the readers to think positively and visualize success. Dr. Swift's book stresses the idea that our desires and motives need to have spiritual roots. He encourages us to realize that our life purpose can still benefit us without being at the expense of others. Love and our connections to each other are key ingredients to a truly successful and joy filled life.
I was particularly drawn to the section of the book which described the twenty eight Attraction Principles for Living On Purpose. Here I found ideas which were very relevant and helpful to my personal life purpose. Some of these principles I had already discovered on my own, but having someone else put it into words validated my feelings that I must be on the right track.
Then... the book also has a Purposeful Toolbox which includes  Purpose Practices, Purpose Prayers, Purpose Places, Purpose Projects, Life Purpose Coaching, Purpose Pods, Purpose Partners and many other useful tools to keep one focused on their Life Purpose.
Brad also lists the benefits of living a Life On Purpose. I am going to quote benefit number 8 which I personally found to be especially true.
"Benefit #8 -  As people clarify and begin to live true to their life purpose, many of them report a surprising increase in synchronicities and serendipity in their lives.  It's as though the Universe is rewarding them for the courage to live true to their purpose.  Most of these people also experience a deepening trust and faith.  They realize that there is indeed, a greater force in the Universe, and at the same time realize that they are an integral part of that force, as well."
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and felt that it's motives were sincere and the contents very helpful. Brad Swift has obviously found how to best express his Life Purpose.

The above review was contributed by: Marjorie Tietjen. Marjorie is a freelance journalist with a B.S. in nutrition. She writes on various topics but has a special interest in public health, education and awareness. Her writings can be found online and in several print publications.

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