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The Fearless Flight Kit: The Remedy for a Fearful Flyer by Captain Ron Nielsen and Tim Piering

The following review was contributed by: NORM GOLDMAN EDITOR OF BOOKPLEASURES.COM

To read Norm’s Interview with Captain Ron Nielsen click HERE

It is difficult to imagine that there are millions of people who suffer from “aviophobia”-the fear of flying. These unfortunate souls will do almost anything to avoid taking a flight, even if it means driving for days to their destination or spending endless hours on a train. I can remember an incident recounted to me by someone who insisted that he be left off the plane before takeoff. This happened a few years ago and I don’t know what the outcome would be today with our stringent security precautions.

Commercial pilot Captain Ron Nielsen together with Tim Piering, who is also a commercial pilot and psychologist, and with the collaboration of the publishers of Chicken for the Soul books, have put together a self-help kit, The Fearless Flight Kit: The Remedy for a Fearful Flyer. The kit contains a slim book, Real Life Fearful Flyer’s Stories, a Flight Guide and a Flight Harmonizer CD all geared to help you overcome the fear of flying.

The essays contained in the book revolve around individuals who have overcome the fear of flying by attending seminars called the Cleared 4 Takeoff. These seminars were the brainchild of Captain Nielsen and Tim Piering.

The Flight Harmonizer CD consists of multiple voices speaking simultaneously in order to create sounds that seem to emanate from different directions. When you try to concentrate on one of the speakers it can be soothing but at the same time mentally exhausting. I found it to be the latter, and if falling asleep was the intended purpose, in my case it succeeded.

The flight guide that looks like a boarding pass explains the sights and sound sensations that we have all been accustomed to experiencing. This slim pocket size pamphlet tells us what to expect from the moment we enter the airplane. It is a quick reference conveying to us that once we understand why certain procedures are taking place on the airplane our fears will be alleviated and we will gain self-confidence. We are also told that if we notice ourselves becoming anxious we should immediately focus on our breathing. If it is too fast slow it down by using “diaphragmatic breathing (tummy breathing-stomach should rise when inhaling, not chest.”)

Recently I interviewed Capt. Nielsen, and when I put the question to him about the course's limitation in that they were only accessible in Phoenix, he indicated to me the following:

“I just created the capability to deliver my Fearless Flight course to overcome the fear of flying live and online using the Internet. Now anyone can participate in the classes that have helped thousands of people overcome their fear of flying since 1987 in the privacy and comfort of their home with access to a computer and a phone.

In addition to the live Fearless Flight tele-seminars, I am about to release a Fearless Flight Class DVD which will be an interactive version of the same popular Fearless Flight class that people can use at their own pace at home or on the road.

Something that has me very excited is my Virtual Fearless Flight DVD, which is scheduled to be released by Thanksgiving. It is a virtual flight that offers the “flyer” opportunity to experience a flight in 3-D viewed from “in the cockpit” as well as a variety of other perspectives using DVD technology. This will appeal to not only fearless flyers but also anyone who has ever wondered about what goes on during a routine flight. It takes the “mystery” out of flying!”

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