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A Bite At A Time

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Author: Morris Katzoff

ISBN:  978-1-6048-1954-7 

Morris Katzoff, author of A Bite at a Time understands that it is no easy feat to follow a diet. As a result, he not only follows a diet regime but also a psychological program.

Katzoff compares his pain of losing and gaining weight to that of a yo yo. His book is a bible of motivation battle steps. In the foreword, his friend and battle of the bulge companion John Van Epps, describes A Bite at a Time as being “a focused book of motivational and inspirational quotes, along with Katzoff’s personal commentary.” 

As an example, in the “Snake Oil Salesmen” chapter pertaining to weight loss “miracle diets,” Katzoff quotes W. C. Fields: “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull”. He is not afraid to take pot shots on all the fad diets, their claim to fame and he then goes onto chastise them.

It should be pointed out that this book is not another weight loss guide, there are no recipes or “how to” procedures.  It is rather a very useful tool for keeping focused on the positive side of your conflict, how much you have lost in the past, not how much you have gained.

Instead of taking it a day at a time, Katzoff advises to take it “A bite at a time.

If you fall prey to binging and gluttony, you can always restart your weight- loss program. You must not be dispirited and you can always start all over again.

Above all, you must not reprimand yourself for losing control. You have to keep

in mind your accomplishments, not your failures.

It is very difficult to keep focused when temptation is so prominent. Food surrounds us; we are being bombarded with food ads. McDonalds and other greasy fast food restaurants abound. If you are lured, don’t fret as you can do it again. 

Processed food is another source of fat and hidden carbohydrates. You have to learn to focus on rations prepared from fresh produce and meats. Stay away from white flour items and over processed victuals.

You have to distinguish between real hunger and emotional hunger. In the chapter “The Lust for comfort” Khalil Gibran is quoted: “The lust for comfort, that stealthy thing that enters the house as a guest, and then becomes a host, and then a master.” The author shows how to control “our emotions and not let them sabotage our weight-loss efforts”.  

And whenever you reach a plateau and think that you cannot loose anymore weight, Katzoff counsels among other things, to change one of your habits, how much or how little you eat, do more exercise, etc.

A Bite at a Time is a motivational recipe for success in your weight loss endeavors. As well, Katzoff includes a lot of letters from satisfied readers in the vein of: 

A Bite at a Time had a great impact on me. I wanted you to know that I believe a lot of my new understanding of what goals are about and motivation (Both health and diet) comes from reading your book. Thank You, Thank You. Thank You…  Clair S

What is more he solicits from his readers other success stories as he is writing his next project called Dear Friends, You’re Not Alone. 

In addition to the letters from his satisfied readers, he includes a list of weight support groups, weight loss plans and recommended readings.

Although, you need to ponder and think after reading each chapter, it is nevertheless a well-written, honest representation of the battle of the bulge.  

The only thing missing from this book is a Table of Content. It would have been much easier to follow with a guide at the beginning of A Bite at a Time. I hope that Mr. Katzoff will include one in his next project.


 The above review was contributed by:  Lily Azerad-Goldman, B.F.A, Artist: Click Here to view Lily’s Reviews and Here to view her art work.


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