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Anita’s Heaven

Author: Norman Ober

ISBN: 13: 978-1-933918-11-2

           10: 1-933918-11-X


Over the past several years there has been a spate of books pertaining to the paranormal which has spawned a cottage industry of books ranging from ghosts, premonitions, telepathy, channeling, clairvoyance, remote viewing, ESP, spirit guides, to automatic writing. With Norman Ober’s Anita’s Heaven focusing on automatic writing we have one more tome to add to our book shelves. And even if you are a skeptic and don’t believe in the paranormal, you will have to admit that the collection of  extraordinary letters contained in Anita’s Heaven is something akin to a huge box of the most delicious candies. They are rich with emotion and love but require savoring in a leisurely manner with an open mind.

Ober covers a lot of ground as he reproduces for his readers the many channeled letters he alleges to have received from his deceased wife Anita that began three years and two months after her death. Apparently, his ability to communicate with his deceased wife started when he attended a workshop conducted by Doc and Ruth Lindwall, who were the developers of Freedom through Releasing. It was during one of the sessions that Ober experienced an odd throbbing in his abdomen which he attributed to his wife attempting to contact him. For several months thereafter Ober claims to have communicated with his wife wherein their “dialogues” consisted in his spoken questions and Anita’s replies that were via a pulsating throb which either meant yes or no.

Ober was curious to find out more about this unusual phenomenon and on the suggestion of his daughter, Dody he was determined to read whatever he could get his hands on pertaining to pulsing. Although he didn’t find anything concerning pulsing, he did discover books on automatic writing which he describes as channeling. Continuing with his dialogues with Anita, he proposed to her that they communicate through writing. For several evenings Ober sat with pad and pen waiting to hear from his beloved wife and eventually he was rewarded when her first message trickled to his pad. The first words he received were “This is Anita. I love you. I’m happy. I’m well. I’m still your wife. If you want to join me, I’ll be here when you arrive.” According to Ober, once his and Anita’s frequencies locked, they were one again “telepathically, minds aligned.” Moreover, there was no magic box, antenna or gadget, as it was done with “love and the strong mutual desire to reach out to each other.”

Over three thousand channeled letters have been received by Ober from Anita and from these letters he has zeroed in on a very impressive amalgam of themes pertaining to such topics as what its like to live in heaven, heaven’s timelessness, food eaten in heaven, living quarters, relationships, how criminals are received even if they committed the most horrendous crimes, social and cultural activities, abortion, work ethics, sex, how souls get around in heaven, physical activities, religion, beliefs, cremation, reincarnation, medical care, and many more. Succinctly heaven is paradise-a most unusual place where people certainly are at peace and where everyone is accepted.

If Ober had any doubts about accepting the letters, Anita puts this to rest when she states that “the hardest thing for you to accept yet is that words I imprint on your mind aren’t your own thoughts. Logically, with no voice contact, where but into your mind can my letters go? I can’t get them written on your computer except by impressing them on your brain-not your feet or belly button.”

Interwoven with these letters are memories of Ober and Anita’s many experiences during their forty seven years together on earth, some happy and others sad, that are italicized throughout the book as flashbacks, illuminating their personal story and love for each other that never ceased to exist.

Anita’s Heaven wraps up with Ober acknowledging that Anita’s letters have taken him from being an atheist to a believer in God and in the belief that life begins, ends and begins again. It is his hope that what Anita taught him about His benevolent fatherhood of the universes and their peoples rubs off on his readers.

Ober’s writing style is clean and straightforward, and as we can readily see, he is a writer of huge ability and skill. Anita’s Heaven is a very impressive blend of   loving and evocative prose wherein letters supposedly received from a deceased loved one are elevated in an extraordinary way by the simple act of actually committing them to the page in an interesting and thought provoking manner.  

To read Norm's Interview with Norman Ober CLICK HERE

The above review was contributed by the Publisher & Editor of, Norm Goldman, Retired Title Attorney: Norm is also a travel writer and together with his artist wife, Lily, the couple meld Norm's words with Lily's art. To check out their travel site click on   Click here to view Norm’s Reviews & Interviews.

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