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High Performance Health:10 Real Life Solutions to Redefine Your Health and Revolutionise Your Life

Author: James W.Rippe
Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: W Publishing Group (May 29, 2007)
ISBN-10: 0849901820
ISBN-13: 978-0849901829

The credentials of the author are very good. He is a board certified cardiologist; he is the author of several books including “Healthy Heart for Dummies” and is also the editor of “Irwin and Rippe’s Intensive Care Medicine” and “Lifestyle Medicine”. He is also the founder and director of Rippe Lifestyle Institute. This book is based on research on thousands of patients treated at that institute and also at Celebration Health, owned and operated by Florida Hospital, the largest hospital in USA.

The book has 2 parts. Part 1: Diagnosis and Understanding has 10 chapters and Part 2: Action Plan has 2 chapters. I am giving below the chapter titles for your information:

1. You will protect what you love
2. Achieve your best health now
3. Mastering the basics
4. Build your high performance health team and environment
5. Transform your life through high performance thinking
6. Revitalize your health through emotional well-being
7. Stop to rest and heal when your body and spirit need it
8. Overcome the seven main barriers to high performance health
9. Use high performance health as a springboard to high performance living
10. Find your purpose and embrace your destiny
11. Ten steps to achieving high performance health
12. A personal journey to high performance health

You may be able to browse through the book and read some excerpts online or at your nearest brick-and-mortar bookstore.

I found his approach quite holistic though he doesn’t use that word, which has been overused and abused and also has come to acquire a connotation with alternative medicine. The book has a very engaging style and is highly readable. The author comes through as a sincere and caring human being. The editor Mary Abbott Waite deserves to be congratulated and well deserves the thanks of the author, which he offers in a special Author’s note. The reader would benefit from the appendices and notes. A companion workbook available may also be worth taking a good look at.

I strongly recommend this book from Dr. Rippe.

The above review was contributed by:   S.V. SWAMY: A Physicist,  Metallurgist, Quality Management Professional with interests in Training and Development, General Management, Holistic Health etc. Swamy is an avid book lover, reviewer and editor:   CLICK TO VIEW S.V. Swamy's Reviews

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