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The Truth Behind Ghosts, Mediums & Psychic Phenomena

Author: Ron Rhodes

ISBN:  0-7369-1907-4


Rhodes reveals that 32% of Americans believe in some sort of paranormal activity and 38% believe ghosts or spirits can come back and visit us. There are 28% of Americans who think people can communicate with the dead and 14 television networks produced pilots with supernatural themes for 2005-2006 television season. What's even more astounding is that "the United States -- during the years of America's cold war with the Soviet Union -- spent a whopping $20 million studying extrasensory perception and other psychic phenomena 'in an effort to determine whether these forces of the paranormal world could somehow be put to use by espionage experts on the natural world.'"

In the first chapter, Rhodes explains all the ways and means that this topic touches our lives. There's Hollywood, television, an online psychic course, and fairs -- to name a few. The list seems endless; Bill O'Reilly says afterlife is "big business."

Why do 65% of Americans say they believe in afterlife? Rhodes writes, "Unfortunately, some people have become interested in occultism and paranormal phenomena simply because they are burned-out on traditional religion." Organized religion doesn't seem to be answering questions about our destiny and people "are in search of a spirituality that works." Since we are living in experience-oriented times and paranormal is fascinating, it's no wonder we gravitate to it. We want to "know the future," find out what's on the "other side," and it would be wonderful to communicate with our loved ones who have crossed over. The supernatural gives us a feeling of control. Right? Rhodes explains that it's "a false sense of control and a misguided sense of significance."

Rhodes has included a chapter that he wants us to "think of as a crash course on occultic terminology." It covers "the big picture" -- "occultism, paranormal, divination, and psychic." Next, he moves right on to talk about the idea of "ghosts." What are ghosts, why do they "allegedly come back," and are there really hauntings? Immediately following this interesting chapter, Rhodes pokes holes in the previous chapter’s theories with scripture, explaining, "Genuine encounters with spirits involve demons and not dead humans." He further states, "Scripture supports the idea that Satan and his horde of demons have the ability to impersonate dead humans." Spiritualism is a false religion and the demons take human form to lead people astray.

Do the dead really know they're dead? In "The Sixth Sense," the counselor, played by Bruce Willis, doesn't know he's dead. In fact, the audience doesn't know this secret until the end of the film. It seems he hadn't finished all he wanted to do, his life was taken in an instant, and he needed the child-star's assistance to cross over. Rhodes believes the dead know they're dead. He supports his beliefs with the story of the rich man and Lazarus. He states that the rich man and Lazarus knew they were dead and had entered the afterlife. Once these men died, "their eternal destinies were sealed." They did not stay back as ghosts, they could not contact the living, and the righteous and wicked, once dead, are separated.

In chapters six and seven," Rhodes talks about psychics and their methods. He also covers scams, frauds and failed predictions. He dispels any idea that psychics are speaking to our loved ones who have crossed over -- all backed by "the Word of God."

In essence, Rhodes claims death is real -- and final.

The above review was contributed by: Sue Vogan, Writer & Author of NCO-No Compassion Observed: To read more of Sue's reviews Click Here


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