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Sword Across Time

Author: †Catherine Anne Collins

Publisher: Treble Heart Books

ISBN# 1-931742-87-1

This review was contributed by: Katherine J. Turcotte

In the spirit of the ancient Avalon, comes a story of mystery, adventure and undying love.
Journals of the Great Merlin and Nimue, Lady of the Lake, have survived the realms of time to be passed on to their rightful descendents of modern times, Tamara and Gavin, a continent apart, but soon brought together by circumstances out of their control.

Another mysterious journal also exists with an evilness that has deceived Merlin and Nimue and threatens to destroy them and banish Avalon as we once knew it forever by placing the sword Excalibur in the deceitful hands of the wicked Dark Lady, Morganna.
Fateful events put Tamara and Gavin on a quest for the truth that will once again unite the Great Merlin and The Lady of the Lake in truth and love.

Catherine Anne Collins, in her first published novel, gives us a nail biting, edge-of-your-seat treat into the mystical world of Avalon. Around every corner lurks danger for the two ancestors who must solve the mystery or lose their very lives at the hands of the Dark Lady. Fighting against logic, can Tamara learn to believe in the magic that surrounds her before it is too late? Can Gavin win the race against time to stop the evil curse and once again gain control over the sword Excalibur, or will he fail like his many descendents?
Destined to be one of the best books of the year. A page-turner that I hated to see end. A five star read!

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