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BABYMOUSE Queen of the World

Authors and Illustrators: Matthew Holm and Jennifer L. Holm

ISBN: 0-375-83229-7

The following review was contributed by: Lily Azerad-Goldman: CLICK TO VIEW Lily Azerad-Goldman's Reviews

Move over Mickey, here comes BABY MOUSE, Queen of the World . Illustrated
and written by brother and sister team Matthew Holm and Jennifer L. Holm.
Jennifer L. Holm was the winner of the Newbery Honor Book, Our Only May
Amelia. Matthew Holm is a graphic designer and a freelance writer.

BABY MOUSE Queen of the World is the first of a new hilarious series of
books featuring insecure BABY MOUSE and her daydreams to overcome her
misgivings. The vignettes are about a cute little mouse, her best friend
Wilson the Weasel and her nemesis Felicia Furrypaws, most popular "girl" in

We follow Baby Mouse from the moment she wakes up with some difficulty
through her richly expressive daydreaming in school. The black and white
humorous cartoons are simple yet splendidly animated and easy to read.
Daydreams are featured in black and white with a pink background. The
contrast of black and white is sparkling and the addition of pink for the
day dreaming is a stroke of genius.

The plot is very simple, Baby Mouse is very insecure. Her daydreams take
her in all kinds of comical situations where she is the "hero". She
imagines as Mouserella, with an amusing turn of events. She is a private
eye, a space explorer, lives in the wild west, and imagines Felicia Furry
Paws, the most popular, self-centered and egotistical "girl" in school to
be Felicia-Stein (Frankenstein). Felicia Furry Paws is having a slumber
party and to be invited Baby Mouse thinks of all kinds of tricks. The party
turns out to be a real bore and Baby Mouse figures out that her own life is
great and has fun with her best friend Willy the Weasel. Can she finally
dream that she is The Queen of the World?

It would be fun to guess who wrote what and who drew which part of the
story, Jennifer or Matthew Holm? The characters are very well developed and
the plot takes us through hilarious twists and turns. The children will be
able to read and reread the simple and captivating cartoons with pleasure.

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