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Simple Feelings & Deep Passions

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Author: RC Langill

ISBN: 9781435704947 

Publisher: LULU


Overall, I am blissful after reading Simple Feelings & Deep Passions, by RC Langill. This is a collection of, mostly, love poems. That I am aware of, this is the author’s only title.


To break it down, this is a collection of poetry separated into sections titled: First Love, Being Together, Intimate Moments, Reflections, and Tomorrow. This book, or its type, is what I like to refer to as “a good coffee table read”. Meaning, you can put this out, and guests can read it quickly or come and go from it. It’s something to catch while enjoying a cup of coffee. It would also be an enjoyable wedding gift.

The book is dedicated to Kathie, and may I say, she is a lucky woman, whoever she is. RC Langill’s sense of humor and underlining sarcasm make this book a delight. The lines are quirky at times, while at other times bring a subtle edge of romance. I grinned throughout this read. A lot of the sonnets read like a conversation, making it even more enjoyable, as you feel like you are a fly on the wall, listening to a secret affair. I particularly liked- It’s True, Anticipation, Stay Tuned For An Important Announcement, Losing It On PCH, Whoa, Again, and At Night,  

As with all poetry, it’s subjective to opinions and personal preferences. There were a few times my teeth hurt for how sweet some of the poems were. They could be a bit gushy, too. The ones I particularly didn’t care for were- Hello, Within Your Arms, Hands On, Neanderthal Man, and Fighting Words. The author’s name is not listed on either the front or back cover, nor is there a biography, which seemed odd to me.

I certainly hope he continues writing, especially in this genre, as he has a knack for it. He is a born romantic. 

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The above review was contributed by:  Kelly Moran: Kelly is an author of three published books and recipient of an Editors Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in 1993 as well as inducted into the Who's Who book of American's 2006 edition. She is also an avid reader. To read Kelly's reviews Click Here



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