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The Master of God's Domain

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Author: Norman Dubeski, Ph.D.

ISBN : 978-0-9782026-1-3

Norman Dubeski's, The Master of God's Domain, is the story of Tristam Wagner, an egotistical Medical intern. Tristam hates medicine, but has decided it is a necessary evil in order to live the life he wants.

Firstly, it pays well, which allows him to afford certain luxuries he missed growing up in a single parent, blue-collar home. Secondly, and more importantly, it helps to sustain his feelings of superiority.

Tristam is a decisive character with several epigrams that give the reader an insight to his personality. Dubeski lays them out in the story. Firstly: "All relationships have a power dynamic, Aim for equality; settle for superiority". Secondly: " Never argue with anyone. If they were both sane and intelligent they would already agree with you."

Tristam initially seems shallow, as in the opening scene he is preying on a fifteen year old girl, whom he hopes to groom and convince he is some sort of a "Messiah." As the book unfolds, Dubeski delves deep into his persona and Tristam slowly becomes a mirror representation of humanity that we all share.

A troubled childhood and deep emotional scares fracture his consciousness into that of a sensitive caring young man, who he once was, and the polar opposite, cynical, self serving adult, he is slowly becoming. Along the way, he does perform a number of good deeds earning him respect and admiration. That, in combination with his charming manner, keeps others off-balance and prevents them from knowing his true motives. Dubeski claims Tristam is an agnostic but has Tristam and even some of his friends interact with God on a semi regular basis?

Overall the book gives an intelligent and thoughtful look into the motives that drive us all, as well as an insider's perspective of Medicine.

The climax of the book involves Tristam's decision to illegally use MDMA as a means to wake up Coma patients. The Child in him is driven by the need to help patients who everyone has forgotten. The Adult in him hopes he will be lauded as a hero and a movie will be made about it. What actually happens changes his life.

This book is fueled by intelligent, if somewhat dark humor, believable characters (what doctor isn't a little narcissistic?) and everyday occurrences that are interpreted by keen, multi-faceted minds. The only weakness I find is that a girlfriend, who plays a minor role in the story and is dealt with as a memory, sweeps in at the end and becomes Tristam's new focus. We have an avid bachelor for three fourths of the story, and then it's as if during the entire time he  he had a fiancée. Nonetheless, still a highly enjoyable read for anyone who likes dark wit.

The above review was contributed by: Christopher Williams. Chris is a journalism major at Baruch (CYNY College) who aspires one day to be a novelist and a teacher.

Click Here To Purchase From Amazon The Master of God's Domain

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