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Paul Kyriazi Author of The Complete James Bond Lifestyle Seminar Interviewed

Title: How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle
Author: Paul Kyriazi
Audio Book:
Paper Back (ISBN: 0971618305)

Today, Norm Goldman, Editor of bookpleasures.Com is pleased to have as our guest Paul Kyriazi, author of "How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle".

Good day Paul and thank you for participating in our interview.


Please tell us something about yourself and your career in the movie industry.




I started out making 16mm action shorts in film school winning some film festivals. After that I directed independently financed theatrical feature films.  "Death Machines" a martial arts thriller, went world wide.  "Omega Cop", a futuristic action adventure story starred Adam West, Troy Donahue, and Stuart Whitman.



Which one of the films you directed is your favorite and why?


My third film entitled "Weapons of Death". It's because I wrote and financed it myself thinking it might be my last film, if it failed. It was an ambitious movie with a large cast of famous martial artists including Eric Lee. It had a great script with large and varied action scenes.  It was a big hit on the action circuit, breaking a house record in a New York theater. Everything I ever wanted to do and say film wise is in that movie.


Who are your favorite actors or actresses and why?


I guess for everybody, it's the actors that you saw in your teens. For me it was Rod Taylor because of "The Time Machine".  Also Russ Tamblyn and George Chakiris because of "West Side Story".  It was my big pleasure recently to hire them to record my audio-book "Hard Rock Lovers".  Rod narrates the story. And Russ and George perform two of the characters. It's the biggest thrill I've had professionally.



What kind of research did you do to write "How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle Lifestyle?


When I was in high school I saw the first Bond movie "Dr. No".  I wanted to be cool like Bond, but I didn't know what that really meant. I knew he could flip the bad guys so I got heavily involved in judo and karate.  Later, trying to survive as a freelance movie director, I realized Bond, when he's off duty, is a man of leisure and prosperity. So I read everything that had to do with improving one's finances, lifestyle, and freedom. Then I took classes with some prominent success teachers  including Anthony Norvel author of "The Million Dollar Secret Hidden in Your Mind."


How would you respond to potential readers who might be skeptical about the subject matter of the book and its applicability?


Because this month marks my seventh year teaching the Bond Lifestyle, I can honestly say that I've gotten emails from readers that have gotten instant job promotions, saved their marriages, gotten more respect from their families, and opened businesses because of using these techniques.


 Also women have written and told me in person, that "The Ultimate Secret of Women" that I teach to men, "Hits the nail right on the head. And men should learn it." The secret is that girls want to be entertained. Of course the want love, respect, and security which most men give. But most men forget that they also want to be entertained. It's easy to remember if you think of Cindi Lauper's song, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."


The techniques in the course covers simple things that you can apply right now, to complicated things like taking gentle rulership over your body, mind, and feelings. Being able to control the emotions is the only way to be cool like Bond.


You state that one should never be afraid of carrying around too much cash in a money clip? Isn’t this against the usual advice that one should carry as little money around as possible?


Yes. Everyone says, "I might lose it." But my answer is "It's better to have cash and not need it. Then to need it and not have it."  And you don't want to meet a possible "Bond girl" by chance and say, "Let's got to dinner, but first I have to check to see if they take credit cards, or else I have to find an ATM machine."  Carry enough cash to handle any sudden opportunity for fun or any emergency.


Some might say, "What if I get robbed."  My answer is, "Everyone who is every robbed says, 'I'm sure glad I had something to give the robber.'".  


However, the main reason to have lots of cash in your wallet and your money clip is that cash acts like a personality energizer. When actor George Hamilton had to play a young rich man, he asked the director, "How do I act rich?" The director told him to get $5,000 out of the bank and put it in his pocket. He never pulled out the cash in a scene, but he subconsciously knew it was there giving him a prosperous feeling and demeanor. This will help you in business and with your relationships.


Why would anyone want to live like James Bond? What’s the big deal?


Bond has been the number one male fantasy for the last forty years. Before that, it was Frank Sinatra's "Rat Pack". Now it's Bond. Men want the adventure, the prosperity, the cool action under pressure, the nice hotels, and confidence with women. I say, "You're in the world too. Why should James Bond have all the fun?"


What would you say is James Bond’s greatest strengths and weaknesses?


When people are under pressure, they either fold or focus. Bond never folds. He perserevers to the end. "I threw away my sucide pill years ago", he tells his boss "M" in "Die Another Day".


In that same movie, doctors are scanning his uncounsious body to see if it's really Bond. One doctor says, "Bad liver. It's him."  So Bond's weakness is his drinking.  So I recommend to stay away from "That fatal glass of beer." and be healthy.  But except for that, and his smoking in the earlier films, Bond is always healthy. Beat up often, but healthy. So health is a big part of the Bond lifestyle.


What is next for Paul Kyriazi?


 I'll be producing a feature film in Seattle soon, and finishing up my new audio-book "McKnight's Memory" starring one of my favorite actresses Nancy Kwan. That story will be produced as a feature film soon.


Is there anything else you wish to add that we have not covered?


Yes. I'd like to say that I produced the "James Bond Lifestyle" material because so many people asked me how I was able to survive as a freelance. I used to spend an hour at a restaurant telling them every technigue I could remember. Then the next day, calling them and telling them other technigues that I had forgot to mention.


That's why I finally have it all written down and recorded. Now I can just hand them the book. My wish is that everyone get their piece of the James Bond Lifestyle. They can get all the information for free at my web site and newsletter. Nothing to sign up for, just go there and read. And the next time you see a Bond movie you'll say to yourself, "Wow, I'm doing all that stuff too."

Thanks once again and good luck with all of your future endeavors.



Thank you, Norm.


You may find out more about Paul by clicking on his WEBSITE and for more information about the paper book and audio cassette CLICK HERE 

To read Norm's review of the paper back edition of The Complete James Bond Lifestyle Seminar CLICK HERE




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