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Only Mortals Can Be Heroes

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Author: David J Weaver

ISBN:  0-9770916-0-0

Publisher: Cambria Creations


“Only the mortals can be heroes because only they must make choices which make life worth living, in difficult circumstances, with danger to themselves, in circumstances of uncertain outcomes, often in the face of danger and death.” Speaks Uncle Walt to Adam who is in jail for drug related crimes.

Adam is the adopted son of David Weaver, a former Special Agent of the FBI and a criminal defense lawyer. 

This is the heart-wrenching true account of a young man battling drug addiction.

Adam first tried his hand at drugs when in school and surrounded by his mates who encouraged him to get high. What started off as “dope” quickly became heroin and other stronger substances.  

Stealing sweets and cigarettes from shops to fund his addiction was only the tip of the iceberg. Whenever his ever-generous father wasn’t looking, you could usually find Adam dabbing his hands into his father’s wallet or stealing the 17-inch Sharp TV.

Yet it seemed being in prison once was enough to change Adam’s outlook on life. He swore that he’d get better and make drugs a thing of the past. David believed his son and allowed him back home with a few words of warning. But soon Adam felt the unforgiving pull of addiction and was back to his old ways.

Wasn’t it enough that he once ended up in hospital suffering from an over-dose?

When you’re an addict nothing can help save you, not even yourself.

David thinks he’s doing nothing wrong by giving Adam a $20 bill to spend at the shops but of course this only funds his son’s ever-growing addiction.

“Dad wouldn’t even miss $100 from his wallet” recalls Adam.  His father thinks he’s helping Adam get better by letting Adam do some DIY for him in the basement but really as soon as his back is turned, Adam is back to getting his next thrill.

Adam is found out eventually and told to pack his bags, no more will his dad let him live under his roof while he is intoxicated with drugs. 

Not even this is enough for Adam to get help - he goes on to steal from his brother, friends and even fools some first time “users” into thinking they are buying some “schrooms”  instead of which they  have their money stolen from right under their nose. Adam doesn’t care - the demon drug monster has taken hold and turned him into someone else.

I really enjoyed this story of addiction told to us by Adam’s long-suffering father. It is sad at times and really illustrates what drugs can do to a normal boy who falls in and out of hell. It will break your heart and make you feel sorry for Adam at the same time.

He uses the words “I don’t care who you are” a lot when describing his battle with drugs - expressing that anyone can fall into the void of uncontrollable addiction.

Read this and be prepared to be hooked!

Click Here To Purchase Only Mortals Can Be Heroes

The above review was contributed by: Jessica Roberts:  Jessica is a book reviewer for a local newspaper and has reviewed for a national women's magazine too. She has had various articles published in magazines and has now completed her novel. Jessica currently lives in West Yorkshire and enjoys walking in the dales and woodlands as part of her hobby as well as, of course, reviewing books. To read more of Jessica's reviews  CLICK HERE 

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