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It’s All In Your Head,” Around the World in 80 Lyme Patient Stories: Valid Reasons to Debate Current Treatment Guidelines (Book 2)


Author: P.J. Langhoff

ISBN: 0-9654580-5-9: 13- 978-0-9654580-5-4 


The mainstream medical community is vehemently denying the existence of chronic late-stage Lyme disease. This agenda-based stance is preventing millions of very sick people, worldwide, from being diagnosed and treated. Patients are being falsely labeled with scores of newly invented “conditions” or autoimmune diseases.

The question I would like all of you to keep in mind as you read “It’s All In Your Head,” is…why is the mainstream medical industrial complex so deaf and resistant to the idea that Lyme disease (Borrelia burgdorferi) can be a persistent relapsing infection? There have been many studies, and extensive clinical experience, that we keep directing them to, which shows irrefutably that Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) can still be present in the body even after months of antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics may not always cure tertiary chronic Lyme but it can keep the disease at bay for many patients. I, for one, am proof of this.

The Syphilis spirochete is a very close cousin to Bb and there are studies which show that the germ which causes Syphilis behaves in much the same manner as Bb and can be extremely difficult to eradicate once the infection has become entrenched. So, the medical community does have Syphilis as a disease model to go by. And as I mentioned there are studies that show that Lyme can be a persistent infection…just as Syphilis can be.  Therefore I don’t believe this ridiculous controversy is due to ignorance or that the medical community is just slow to accept change and new ideas. The fact that an entrenched spirochetal disease is almost impossible to get rid of…is not a new idea.

PJ Langhoff’s book helps us to better understand the utter magnitude of the suffering an dismissal endured by millions of people across the globe. She begins her book with an overview of the history of Lyme disease and the symptoms and stages of the disease. She reviews the statistics or incidence of Lyme in the U.S. and most importantly speaks of the political controversy and the bizarre manner in which the medical community is reacting to and at the same time ignoring the extent of the seriousness of this disease. Lyme and certain co-infections are being allowed to pass through the population unchecked. Person-to-person contact is suspected and it has not been ruled out as being passed through the blood supply. It is also known that there are other insects, such as mosquitoes, which also harbor this microbe. Why are there not more studies being done to determine if Lyme can be passed on sexually, maternally or even by casual contact?

The author brings up a very important point that is that everyone’s treatment needs to be individualized. Speaking of Lyme disease, Langhoff aptly explains, “It is the extremely variable nature of the organism, living within the complexity of the human animal, which makes individual treatments so necessary. A “one size fits all” diagnostic and treatment ideology serves none.” She goes on to say that treating chronic Lyme disease is much more of an art than an exact science. PJ Langhoff tells it like it is concerning the world of Lyme disease and demands that the patients’ voices be heard.

Langhoff includes an interesting list of mind-boggling diagnoses and comments made by physicians to their patients. It becomes obvious that many doctors today do not really listen to or believe what their patients are telling them. This is a very serious trend.

The second part of the book is comprised of the voices of the people affected by this political illness. The central themes running through the patients’ stories are that of misdiagnosis, pronouncements by doctors that it is “all in your head,” and being labeled as depressed, or merely seeking attention. The stories speak of co-infections and how important it is to be tested and treated for them. Unfortunately the current available testing for co-infections is nearly as inaccurate as those for Lyme disease.

Patients share with the reader the many different types of treatments they’ve undergone. Some of them are, antibiotics, anti-malarials, vitamins, herbs, homeopathy, detoxification, hyperbaric oxygen treatments and electro-medicine. There is much trial and error in the treatment of Lyme disease because as Langhoff mentions, everyone is different and what works for some people, does not work for others. Often patients are so desperately ill that they will try just about anything to end their nightmare of symptoms, which are being ignored and dismissed by mainstream medicine.

This desperation stems from the fact that chronic Lyme patients are being disbelieved and ridiculed by doctors…and even friends and family. The patients know when they improve on antibiotics and when they don’t. No one wants to take antibiotics unnecessarily for attention or just for the fun of it. They take them because it improves their health and prevents this chronic neurodegenerative disease from progressing. It is tragic enough that these people are so sick with a disease that no one can understand unless they have it. Then to have to prove that you are sick, and not have your disease recognized or treated appropriately, is beyond the belief and endurance of many. Tertiary or late-stage Lyme disease can be a chronic relapsing brain infection and the “opposition’s” own earlier studies and copious clinical experience testify to this fact.

The stories in this book will tell of sufferers losing their jobs, their friends, their homes, their spouses, and their children. Some have lost their lives to Lyme disease. If this epidemic continues to be ignored and measures are not taken to prevent its spread, the world will be facing massive disability and economic collapse. I highly recommend PJ Langhoff’s book to those who want to better understand the magnitude and reality of this extremely controversial chronic relapsing infection. I feel this book should also be read by health care providers, and family and friends who do not yet realize what their patients and loved ones are going through. Chronic Lyme disease needs to be researched in an unbiased manner and the patients desperately need validation and understanding…for this disease is unlike any other…except for perhaps Syphilis, its close relative.

“It’s All In Your Head,” Around the World in 80 Lyme Patient Stories is Book 2 of a 3-part series. Books 1 and 3 are also packed with relevant information…so stay tuned…for more Lyme enlightenment.

The above review was contributed by: Marjorie Tietjen: Marjorie is a freelance investigative journalist with a B.S. in nutrition. She writes on various topics but has a special interest in public health, education and awareness. Her writings can be found online and in several print publications. To read more of Marjorie's articles and reviews CLICK HERE

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